CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013 at Stadium Negara

CN Blue 1
Jung Yong-hwa the lead vocals and rhythm guitar of CN Blue

The Boy Band CN Blue was in Kuala Lumpur recent on their World Tour BLUE MOON at Stadium Negara and it was a fantastic mesmerizing concert. They truly captured the soul of the audience that night. People was singing in tune with them and foremost the girls were shouted out their heart for their stars . . . . the boys !

CN Blue

The lead guitar and vocal Lee Jong-hyun took the centre stage with such a fabulous start. Rocking his fans without any fear and with such great showmanship. Just love his songs. Great vocal and fabulous serenade so beautifully. I love their love song more than the slick rocks but it went well for me that night.

CN Blue 2

CN Blue 3

CN Blue 4
Lee Jong-hyun the lead guitar and vocals of CN Blue

CN Blue 5

CN Blue 6

CN Blue 7

CN Blue 8
Kang Min-hyuk the drums and vocals of CN Blue

CN Blue 9
Lee Jung Shin the bass guitar and vocals of CN Blue

CN Blue 10

CN Blue 11

CN Blue 12

It was a fabulous BLUE MOON concert and I truly enjoyed the whole concert. Great performance by CN Blue. Not forgetting, thank you to Samsung Galaxy Music Malaysia and Monoah Consulting for the lovely evening!

CN Blue 13

List of Song serenades that night by CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour 2013 in Malaysia as follows:

Where you are, Get Away, One time, Naran Namja, Coffee shop, Have a good night, Wake up, More than you, Love Light, Feeling, These day, Y, why, LALALA, Just Please, Tattoo, In My Head, Intuition, I’m a Loner, I’m Sorry

ENCORE: Hey You, Love Girl, Feel Good, Heartstrings, Love, Try again, Smile again

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