Thursday Night Specials at EE Chinese Cuisine Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials
Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials

From every Thursday night starting from July till September 2013 at EE Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya will introduce a special and yet the finest Cantonese cuisine that will be marching to your table, such as Pi Pa Roasting Duck, Stewed Pork Knuckles, Chilled Chicken with Chinese Wines and many more. Not only that the dining atmosphere will be flourish with J Musical Live Band that will be preforming two sets of evergreen Chinese and English hits from the 70’s and 80’s. (from 7.30pm – 8.15pm and 8.45pm – 9.30pm). All this starts from RM30++ per portion.

To make your reservation, please call EE Chinese Cuisine at +603 76287338

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 1
Deluxe Twin Hot Combination

Now coming back to the line of dishes that we had tried out for the Thursday Night Special got my seal of approval. It was very well crafted, cooked and presented. That is definitely the refined work of MasterChef Yong Kam Wah and his team. I know they will go all out to create their finest as they are the master of EE’s kitchen.

The first palate that came to me was Yong’s deluxe twin hot combination that came with a crisp prawn yam puff and a lemongrass skewer with bacon and minced roll. The yam puff was crisp on the outside and fluffy smooth texture on the inside white biting into the prawns was truly a delighted experience. Moving to the fresh lemongrass fragrant hinted bites caught me with such a treats. I like the saltiness from the bacon that encapsulated into the minced while hinted with lemongrass.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 2
Double-Boiled Fish Soup with Apple

It had been ages that I had a double boiled fish soup and that night I got to taste a bowl from Chef Yog’s creation, a Snakehead fish soup parted with Apple. I was exciting even having to read the menu. The chunks of Snakehead are firstly deep fried to bring in more flavor to the soup while the chunks of apples are used to infused the sweetness of the soup. It was very well balance soup but with truly strong deep taste and flavour. A trace of Chinese almond were noticeable in my own little soup bowl.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 3
Braised Eight Treasure Duck

I just love the next course, a well braised and plated eight treasure duck. The meat was tenderly cooked and very moist, laced damply with the brown sauce. Smells good. Inside the duck cavity was filled with diced carrot, roasted pork, mushroom, water chestnuts, lotus seed, dry chestnuts, oyster king mushrooms and Chinese sausage. The outcome was just terrific and the duck was sizeable for a table of 10 ! Love the aroma.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 4
Braised Eight Treasure Duck

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 5
Stuffed Golden Boneless Chicken

I just admired the crafting of the next chicken dish. I looked fantastic but a lot of work is being put into play. A whole piece of fresh chicken skin is taken out and place carefully pulled to dry, The fish paste is being place onto it and coated with sliced almonds. I just the dedication and work being put into this chicken dish. Having to eat a slice of this chicken with chili sauce can be so orgasmic. Looked sexy too and so irresistible.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 6
Stewed “Tian Jin” Cabbage with Dried Scallops

This is also a fabulous dish as Tian Jin cabbage was braised to it’s tenderness and silky soft. The cabbage was mild in taste on it’s own but with the brown dried scallops sauce it was definitely made for heaven. Perfect. I like those expensive dry scallops being put into play, done flaky and nice to indulge. A very satisfying dish.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 7
Mini Lotus Leaf Rice

One of the house specialty is their mini lotus leaf rice that filled with delicious well marinated mushrooms, Chinese sausages, and my favourite salted egg yolk, The glutinous rice was done tenderly with great biting texture. Nice.

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 8
Mini Lotus Leaf Rice

Eastin Hotel Thursday Night Specials 9
Doubled-Boiled Pear with American Figs

Moving to the end we had a simple light double boiled pear with American figs to smoothen our throat with a light sweetness. Definitely a must have sweet soup during such a busy festive. Overall it was a fabulous dinner and all the dishes were incredible executed with perfection. I am definitely a fan of MasterChef Yong Kam Wah’s cooking. . . . . . . . Sidney Kan
EASTIN HOTEL Petaling Jaya
13, Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaking Jaya
Tel No: +603 7665 1111

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