Thai Express at The Curve

Thai Express 7
Thai Express at The Curve

Left the city for a short long break away can be truly exciting, relaxing and fun. I was in Teluk Intan visiting friends, chefs and to discover more comfort food. I am sure my food followers saw my food hunting in both places Teluk Intan and a short day trip at Sitiawan. Anyway I am back on my desk reporting about my recent food discovery in the city. I was at The Curve with a group of foodies indulging the classic Thai cuisine at Thai Express.

Thai Express 16
Traditional Thai Herbal Drink

At the eatery we were welcomed with their traditional Thai herbal drink which was nice and light. As for Chiang Mai mango, it was a show stopper. It was truly excellent, refreshingly chilled and delicious. Definitely my cuppa ! I can imagine myself just slurping this all day long over a plate of hot Thai dish. While having a sip of the Thai pina colada can be very sexy and simple. Bubblings can be easily felt.

Thai Express 11
Chiang Mai Mango Drink

Thai Express 12
Thai Pina Colada

Thai Express 21
Clear Tom Yum Soup

My first stop was spooning into the light clear tom yum soup. It had a very pleasant taste once it landed on my mouth. It cracked right immediately on my tongue giving it such a pleasant feeling, not overly hot but moderately nice to my taste buds. :) Natural ingredients and flavours were well put into play.

Thai Express 18
Tom Yum Talay

Tom Yum Talay was definitely a fury one. The redness on it tells a fabulous story. It was done at the perfect sourness sweet which did not betray my expectation. Not a bad one! Very likeable indeed.

Thai Express 4
Tom Yam Kang Nam Daeng

Tom yam kang nam daeng came with a slippery prawn had a gorgeous sex appeal. Looks nice and elegantly on the soup bowl, definitely a piece of eye catching display that is hard not to notice about.

Thai Express 22
Massaman Chicken Curry with Thai Style Pancake

The Massaman chicken curry was likeable especially having it eaten with Thai style pancake. The pancake truly gave the dish a great biting texture while the curry blossomed frangrantly with fabulous aroma. Nice one as I like it.

Thai Express 19
Poo Phat Pong Kari

Soft shell crab curry “Poo Phat Pong Kari” came with white rice tasted very appealing to me. Having the soft shell crab deep fried and coated with curry sauce can be very tasty. Here it was done to a tasty way and goes pretty well with steamed white rice.

Thai Express 17
Yum Mamuang

Yum Mamuang a Thai mango salad makes its way to the dining table too even I wasn’t it big time but it has a nice biting texture that goes very well with just white rice and worked just terrific on its own.

Thai Express 15
Rad Na Tom Yum

The Rad Na Tom Yum taste great too just like our “Wat Tan Ho” fresh flat rice noodle that has a egg gravy but this one contained a spice in taste, a dash of tom yum in it. Not to bad, can be very fulfilling.

Thai Express 14
Roti Krob

I loved having their Roti Krob which was crisp texture on the outside while the joy of biting into the mince chicken salad fillings was an wholesome experience. I was caught off hand and just loved it, delicious.

Thai Express 13
Khoa Tang Naa Tang

Khoa Tang Naa Tang is definitely special, a great light snack for one who seek something different and not too heavy. Round chink of light rice puffs were put into play and eaten with toppings of minced chicken cooked in thick coconut milk. I found it to be extinctive exciting, play and eat.

Thai Express 10
Pat Thai with Seafood

The Pat Thai that came with seafood was excellent, not overly sweet and cooked to the exact to my requirement. Lovely to enchant it, definitely pampered me with such delight.

Thai Express 8
Yellow Ginger Chicken

Love the spice and herbs especially fresh turmeric that infused into this dish while the ginger gave s fabulous kicked into it’s taste and it was done slightly hot. It was just adorable. Definitely rice will paired well here.

Thai Express 9
Sweet Glutinous Rice with Fresh Mango & Coconut Milk

When comes to dessert, sweet glutinous rice topped with fresh mango and a splash of coconut milk will mesmerized me within seconds. And you will notice me sitting baby quietly at a corner wanting not to be disturb. Yes it’s my time and space of indulgence. “Do Not Disturb” Here it was done fresh and tasty.

Thai Express 6
Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong

The Green Emerald Thai Lod Chong was damn syiok that chilled my hot waves that night. An icy chilled sweeten ice definitely flushed me with such a wonderful coolness that make me so happy. Nice hot food with fabulous icy sweetness. “Ho Hoi Wai”

Thai Express 5
Thai Cendol

Their cendol was done tenderly with tasty coconut milk and I just love it as the palm sugar balance the sweetness in this icy chilled drink. So nice !

Thai Express
Foodies in Action

My first time here had already got me craving for them now. Definitely a place to explore and to give it a try as I like it. Taste good, feels good ! . . . . .. . . . . .. . Sidney Kan

Thai Express Restaurant G50, Jalan PJU 7/3
The Curve
Mutiara Damansara

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