Recipe Homemade Soy Milk with Red Dates

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Just love having the Philip Soy Milk maker readily at home. This machine is able to cope with 1.2litre. I just find it very handy and fresh soy milk can easily access. Firstly you need to soak the beans over night before brewing it in the morning. Simple and easy. A fresh warm soy milk is just amazingly delicious and with infused red dates can be awesome. Nice light flavouring and great hinted smell.

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90gm Soy Beans
1litre Water
20gm Chinese Red Dates

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1. Soak the soy bean overnight till soft.
2. Soften the red dates with warm water.
3. Pout the water into the soy bean maker.
4. Put in the soy bean and also the Chinese red dates.
5. Press the selected button for soya bean.
6. Once the process of making the soy milk stop, the pour the liquid over a shift.
7. The soy milk is ready to drink.

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This soy milk maker is definitely awesome as I can generate healthy drink also at anytime and can also make sweet porridge at small quantity just right for my small family at home.

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From this I will definitely will try out to make some beancurd “tofu” . . . . . steamed egg with soy milk . . . .. . will definitely be an excellent dish to prepare to tempt anyone . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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