Recipe Black Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs

Black Chicken Soup

Having the grocer near by can be such a handy thing to have. Such a damn convenient thing to have. A short drive and pick up your stuff fresh, having them cooked instantly is indeed something remarkable. This time I pick up the Black Chicken, petite as it is compared to a whole chicken. Here it was tucked nicely in the cold shelf. It is difficult to resist of not taking it back for a soup feast. Having some dry Chinese roots stashed nicely in the fridge is a must as it can so handy at all times. A bit of each can create a tasteful bowl of delicious warm soup and I just did that.


Black Chicken Soup 2
The Ingredients : A whole Black Chicken, Pork Ribs, Honey Dates, Wolfberries, Chinese Yam “Huai Shan”, Solomonseal Rhizome “Yu Zhu” and Radix Astragali “Huang Qi”


One Whole Black Chicken
200gm Pork Ribs
4nos Honey Dates
10gm Wolfberries
15gm Chinese Yam “Huai Shan”
15gm Solomonseal Rhizome “Yu Zhu”
15gm Radix Astragali “Huang Qi”
1500ml Water

Black Chicken Soup 1
Readily to Serve after Pressure Cooked

1. Clean the Black Chicken, discard the fats and the skin.
2. Rinse the Pork Ribs and placed it into the boiling for 2-3 mins.
3. Wash the Honey Dates, Wolfberries, Chinese Yam “Huai Shan”, Solomonseal Rhizome “Yu Zhu” and Radix Astragali “Huang Qi” and place into the pressure pot.
4. Follow by the Black Chicken and Pork Ribs.
5. Add in the water.
6. Place the pressure pot into the pressure cooker. Close the lid and switch on the cooking button and cook for about 30-45mins.

Black Chicken helps in replenishes blood while the sweet taste of the slightly warm Huang Qi helps nourishes the Qi, stabilises health and able to reduce sweat. The sweet taste of cold Yu Zhu nourishes the Yin and relives dryness. Huai Shan nourishes the stomach and improves the functions of the lungs and kidneys. Sweet Honey Dates moistures the lung while daily dosage of wolfberries improves eyesight.

A bowl of nutritious value soup that waits on your return at home can be such a blessing. Yes it is indeed. . . . . Sidney Kan

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