Recipe Black Chicken and Coconut Soup

A Pressure Cooked Soup Recipe

Coconut Soup

This soup is amazing and really tasty. The buzz of coconut water truly turn me on. Why? well . . . during my stay at the university one of my superior informed me that by drinking young coconut water it can chill down the body heat and works naturally. So that is why I choose coconut water as one the major ingredient for my soup this time. This round I use black chicken instead of spare ribs. As for natural sweetness, I used dry fig and dried longan.


Coconut Soup 3

1 whole black chicken
700ml fresh young coconout water
350ml water
20g dried longan
20g dried fig
15g wolfberries
15g red dates
5g solomonseal rhizome (yu zhu)
5g Chinese yam (huai shan)
5g astragalus (bei qi)

Coconut Soup 2

1. Clean the Black Chicken, discard the fats and the skin.
2. Wash the Red Dates, Wolfberries, Chinese Yam “Huai Shan”, Solomonseal Rhizome “Yu Zhu” and Radix Astragali “Huang Qi” and place into the pressure pot.
3. Follow by the Black Chicken and Pork Ribs.
5. Add in the coconut water plus the water.
6. Place the pressure pot into the pressure cooker. Close the lid and switch on the cooking button and cook for about 30-45mins.

Black Chicken helps in replenishes blood while the sweet taste of the slightly warm Huang Qi helps nourishes the Qi, stabilises health and able to reduce sweat. The sweet taste of cold Yu Zhu nourishes the Yin and relives dryness. Huai Shan nourishes the stomach and improves the functions of the lungs and kidneys. While coconut water reduces body heats too.

Coconut Soup 1

You will notice the colour of this soup is deeper and brown due to the present of dried longan. This soup tastes much sweeter and truly refreshing, definitely addictive and yet healthy. Definitely a must try at home at pleasure. Having this soup served in the coconut shell can be so exciting. a soup that will dress to kill your guests.

Enjoy . . . . . .. Sidney Kan

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    Okay, this must be good! One bowl please Sidney :p
    Ken´s last blog post ..Coffee Garden Cafe @ The One, Bayan Baru, Penang.

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