Nyonya Delights at Neighbourhood Dataran Sunway

Nyonya Delights 7
Nyonya Delights

Well when one ask me where I like to have my lunch, I would tell them I would love to stop my favourite nyonya mixed rice. Located not too far from my place just at the Neighbourhood Food Court, Dataran Sunaway. I just love few of their main dishes such as the mouthwatering golden fried pork coated with yummy caramelized bbd sauce, the tender wild boar curry a must have, even their pan fried mackerel coated with tamarind sauce and strings of fried gingers, their ‘sambal sotong’ squid and cockles are both to die for. I got to say their Nyonya Nasi Lemak can be a divine breakfast. Here you can also get Tom Yum Fried Mee Hoon as snacka while their Asam Vegetable is damn classic. Best time to lingering around this shop would be at 12noon as most disihes will parade themselves.

Nyonya Delights 1
Golden Fried Pork Cutlet with Caramelised BBQ Sauce

Nyonya Delights 2
Nyonya Fried Chicken

Nyonya Delights 4
Fried Fish

Nyonya Delights 3
Lettuce in Soy Sauce

Nyonya Delights 6
Wild Boar Curry

Nyonya Delights 5
Sambal Sotong

Nyonya Delights 8
Cooked Asam Vegetable

Nyonya Delights 10
Fried Pickle Vegetable

Nyonya Delights 9
Fried Tom Yum Mee Hoon

Nyonya Delights
Penang Asam Laksa also available at Nyonya Delights

If you are around here at Dataran Sunway at noon, this place would be a nice place for an affordable and yet delicious nyonya mixed rice. So yummy . . .Sidney Kan

Nyonya Delights (non-halal)
Unit 2-07 West Wing Central Park
No 1 JLN PJU 5/13
Dataran Sunway
47810 Kota Damansara
Tel No 012 5125996 (Lawrence)

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