Mid – Autumn Mooncake Festival at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

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Last night I attended a mooncake tasting at EE Chinese Cuisine Restaurant located at Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. It was truly enchanting night. We lingered through ourselves first over their current Thursday Night Specials at EE Cuisine before having to bite into the variety charming sliced mooncakes.

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 3
MasterChef Yong Kam Wah of EE Chinese Cuisine, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

MasterChef Yong Kam Wah and his team of fellow chefs had been working on their mooncakes months ahead as many of the ingredients need to be selected and [re[ work need to be done much advance. Making a good quality paste for fillings is not an easy job, precision is definitely needed.

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival
(left back) Jasmine Cheesy Citrus and Supreme Mixed Nuts (left front) Pandan Paste with Single Yolk, Crystal Green Tea, Crystal Durian & Crystal Dragon Fruit

Here at EE, I was told that team was boiling up something exclusive and definitely will be a hit this mooncake season. And I was given a surprise last night. Yes it was. I ate a whole mini crystal ‘Mou San Wong’ Durian mooncake just at one bite . . . no no it was two bites. It was so amazingly super duper shiok! It was so fantastic and I wouldn’t mind going it again on that spot. It was damn satisfying. Wakakakakakkaakak….. I just did that with such pleasure. What a night. Yes their crystal durian mooncake was made in heaven and it had my knees down for wanting more.

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 2

Executive Chef Alex Leong kept raving the goodness of his favourite Jasmine Cheesy Citrus Halal Superior Mooncake. I had a go with it, well it truly speaks for itself. Tender smooth and soft paste fillings that have a cheesy taste that came with a hint of Jasmine smell. I got to admit that I like their lotus paste, very smoothly moist and not overly sweet, even their crystal skin came so soft and moist. Truly love them

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 1

At EE there is four variation. Halal Superior Mooncakes that consist of different fillings such as red bean paste, jasmine cheesy citrus, low sugar white lotus, precious black, supreme mixed nuts and pure lotus double yolk.

Another second variation will be their pork free mini baked skin mooncakes. Here also the chefs created the white lotus paste with single yolk, pandan paste with single yolk, Kei Chi Tong Gui paste and corn paste with single yolk.

Having similar size mooncakes but not baked, EE carries the pork free mini snow skin mooncakes. As for this for style, red bean paste, green tea paste with single yolk, dragon fruit paste and white chocolate paste took the leadership.

Then lastly as t is the Special Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya’s 15th Year Anniversary, a special mooncake is crafted for this special occasion. Mini crystal Durian Paste will be the main attraction.

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 4

There so many to choose from but I still prefer having the durian mooncakes as it is always been my favourite and last night I had my kick ! It was marvelous and my day was answered.

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 5

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 10

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 8

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 9

So if you are looking for a good mooncake treats, Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya is definitely the best place to get them. . . . . . . . . . . I will be back for more ! Sidney Kan

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 7
Food Bloggers

Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 6
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Eastin Hotel Mooncake Festival 11
Eastin Hotel’s Mooncake Menu

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