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Lai Po Heen 1
A Galore of Scrumptious Dim Sum

I was at Lai Po Heen for lunch recently by the invitation of my fashion jeweller Angie Ng as we have not been in contact. I was intrigued with the place that she had picked. That place for lunch and definitely my eyes will set upon their fine crafted dim sum. So when I arrived we dived into ordering their spread of dim sum.

Lai Po Heen 2
An Applaud Abalone Siew Mai

During this time I was not able to meet up with Chef Rickie Thien as he was on leave but he send his souz chef to us to recommend us on the selection. Fresh as the dim sum marched onto our table was truly hot piping and looked amazing good. First basket was an applauding of abalone “siew mai”. It was really eye catching pieces of hand crafted dim sum. The chicken filling was very tasty and had a strong body texture that holds the overall of the structure while the abalone played beautifully into anyone’s eyes. It was really delicious.

Lai Po Heen 4
Crystal Jade Prawn Dumplings

Sexy as it looked was the basket of crystal jade prawn dumpling. Love the colour presented, orange and black flushed over the translucent of the cooked skin. The filling was amazing fresh that came with an outstanding freshness sweet. A drop of garlic chilli sauce on it will make you crave for more. I wish I need not have to share this and had them all. by myself. Wink!

Lai Po Heen 5
Wholesome Fish Ball with Salmon

I am truly a die hard fan of fish ball. I love those especially comes with bouncing texture that can sustained the goodness in the mouth especially mine. What came to my surprise was the fish ball had an infused salmon and it was just too terrific not to have a bit. Definitely a mind boggling situation as it was so good and I wanted more.

Lai Po Heen 6
BBQ Chicken Bao

The outer bao skin was soft and fluffy and had a good soft texture while having a sweet bbq chicken fillings make the whole bao taste scrumptious.

Lai Po Heen 7
Har Gao

Oh the “har gao” was just spot on. The skin had a soft crisp texture and was beautiful hand crafted. The prawn fillings had a great sea freshness and yet each of this dumplings had a fantastic bitings. Every biting had a crunch in it.

Lai Po Heen 8
Flower Pot Stickers

it was beautifully done just like a piece of flower art occupying the whole space of the plate. I like how edible bee wax rice paper was make and having the present of the pot stickers hidden underneath was just eye popping situation. The filling was firmly good and every biting was truly memorable.

Lai Po Heen 3
Sweet Pastry

As to end the lunch we had the lotus paste balls coated with white sesame. It was light in taste and just at the right sweetness. The also had a taste of Lai Po Heen’s mooncakes and it was really yummy.

Lai Po Heen 9

The Mandarin Oriental mooncakes are just amazingly delicious as always. As for large mooncakes, you can easily find white lotus paste, lotus paste with single egg yolk, red bean and lotus paste with single egg yolk, lotus paste with double egg yolk and diced chicken with almond. When comes to medium, there are four additional flavours, the chestnut paste with melon seeds, pandan essence with macadamia nut, white chocolate with lychee filling and chocolate caviar and Dark 24K chocolate with passion fruit and caramelized banana. And not forgetting the white lotus paste (low sugar), milk chocolate with peanut butter crunch, dark chocolate with green tea ganache and crunchy macaroon. As for the mini mooncakes, the petites are mini snow skin with kuaci and egg yolk in pandan flavour, mini snow skin with almond and sun-dried apricot in black sesame paste, while my all time favourite will be the mini snow skin with durian paste.

Lai Po Heen
Moon Cake-ing with my gorgeous jewellery designer Angi Ng

MO mooncake menu
The Mandarin Oriental Mooncake Menu

The Mandarin Oriental
Jalan Pinang Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50088 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur,
+60 3-2380 8888

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  • August 29, 2013 - 12:18 pm | Permalink

    Love those well-presented dim sum, never had an abalone siew mai before T.T
    Ken´s last blog post ..Launching of New Dishes at Tian Ding Xiang (天鼎香) @ Gurney Plaza, Penang.

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