KOUFU Garden Shoppe One City

Koufu 5
Premium Red Wine Noodle Soup

Well tucked at the end of USJ also in between Subang and Puchong we found this up coming attraction the Garden Shoppe One City. Before the Mall opens, we found yet another interesting delicious Fook Chow cuisine boiling along the shop lots called KOUFU. This red painted eatery is easily to detect and hardly not to notice yet the ambient inside is modest and simple. I just easily fall for this place as the food here is very authentic, delicious, comfort and affordable.

To grace the night came running to us was their premium red wine noodle soup, definitely a bowl of comfort. A hot piping red glutinous rice wine soup and extract covered over the Fujian wheat flour noodle “Misua” topped with village chicken was so thrilling to indulge. It had the right balance of taste and aroma while the noodle was cooked perfectly with great texture and not overly soft. Just perfect.

Koufu 6
Fried Meat Dried Noodle

Next came a plate of fried meat dried noodle that smells fabulously good. A homemade noodle that had a fabulous biting texture scoped me off my feet. Well I like the taste of the sauce that coated over the noodle while the biting texture of the meat was very pleasing. I got to confess one bite into the noodle you will know its not an industry noodle but a handmade noodle. Definitely for sure lots of caring is expected being thrown into crafting them.

Koufu 7
Traditional Taste Fried Noodle

Kofu’s traditional taste fried noodle was well executed as their noodle truly has a fabulous biting texture and having it to be fried with supreme dark soy can be mind blowing expectation in taste and flavour. We truly love it.

Koufu 3
Long Yen Soup

A bowl of Long Yen Soup can just satisfy you desire for a good bowl of noodle. I find it very unique especially the noodle itself make of tapioca flour and egg. The texture of the noodle is much firmer and eggy. Definitely must try!

Koufu 1
Lu Mian mixed with Laksa

Now this is truly interesting, either you like it or you will throw it out. For me I find it rather unique in taste especially the present of the bamboo shoots. For me I am not a fan of this ingredient due to its strong flavour but yet still acceptable. As I know people from Sitaiwan area loves this. It this Lu Mian it was giving and added taste of sourness of laksa (tamarind juice). It did taste rather unique and my fondest just grew from the first tasting. Great idea, taste good!

Koufu 2
Deep Fried Meat

The deep fried meat was cooked to perfection. Well marinated before deep fried and the meat was tender and crisp on the outside. For this make sure you eat them with Kampong Koh garlic chilli sauce. Lovely!

Koufu 4
Kong Piang

I am a fan of Kong Piang, a hand crafted Fook Chow biscuit that baked in the ceramic pot. Koufu’s Kong Piang biscuits are brought in from Sitiawan as to enhance the taste of the Fook Chow cuisine in this restaurant. I like this handmade biscuits, it is really nice.

Tang Shui

If you like to have a good refreshing Chinese dessert, Koufu’s Tang Shui is definitely a good choice. A bowl of lightly sweeten fresh brewed dried longan soup filled with lots of goodies in it can be such a surprise. We all love it.

If you love Fook Chow food, Kooufu is definitely the place to stop by. An experience that makes you come back for more. I just love it ! . . . . . . Sidney Kan

B-11-GF Garden Shoppe One City,
Jalan USJ25/1A,
Subang Jaya,
47650 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone 03-51150001 / 012-3935092
Website http://www.koufu.my

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