Kissaten Japanese Cafe at Jaya One


Kissaten Cafe Jaya One
Gourmet Pork Burger at Kissaten Japanese Cafe

Ladies and burgers are now my BEST friends . . . . . yeah I know some of my close buddies knew that I reluctantly to pen them down . . . . about burgers and not even one was written within my seven years of food blogging. Well last night I was caught ! In fact I went nuts with Kissaten Chicken Burger’s BBQ sauce. It was so refreshing soursweet and so damn Super Syiok!

Kissaten Cafe Jaya One 2
The Burger

Great burgers must come with super taste and super ingredients. One of the show-stopper at Kissaten was their well crafted buttery buns. Yes I got to say it smells damn good, buttery aroma it came with and the texture was just perfect, not damp and did not even tried to stick on my teeth. The texture of the chicken patties was ok but their pork was truly juicy to my liking, simple and nicely down. Very memorable one especially their pork burger. I guess it is a must have burger when one visit their outlet.

Kissaten Cafe Jaya One 1
Kissaten Chicken Burger laced with Awesome Fruity BBQ Sauce

Kissaten Cafe Jaya One. 3
Kissaten’s Humble Pork Burger

I was so happy with my burger that I insisted them to be quick with their new opening of The KISSBURGER ! Showing me with all those delicious upcoming burgers totally drive me mad and now I kept dreaming about it. Hssssssssssssssss…. I dreamt about them this morning and was cut short by Peter Yap FB notification buzz . . . , that woke me up having my two dream burgers . . . .. . . wakakaaka . . . . . .

P/S Now I am into the taste of burgers . . . . . you never know, I might drop by and give them ago and see what I think about them or yours lol!

Kissaten Japanese Cafe
L12A-1-1, Palm Square,
72a Jalan Universiti
46200 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Tel No: +60 3-7954 1990

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