WatchON Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchON

When I was having my new Samsung Galaxy S4 I notice of it’s apps and WatchOn was one of them. With its new WatchOn app, which, thanks to the Galaxy S4’s built-in infrared emitter, allows us to use the phone as a remote control for our TV or set-top box. The feature also recommends programs and movies for us to watch.

Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchON 1

Being a new Samsung Galaxy S4 user like myself, the application comes with a number of other elements too, but let’s focus on the remote part first, as it’s still a novelty to those that haven’t got a modern tablet. I can also set rooms up which enabling me to take the phone with me and still have it as a remote. When first setting the device up, I can tell WatchON how to get my channels (through the TV, set top box or cable) and it can then set up the controller to work in the correct way by asking a few channel-based questions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchON 2

The other element of the WatchON app is the ability to have programmes chosen for myself, with a simple tap on the thumbnail keying in the right sequence to open the channel on my set top box and have it working without hesitation.

Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchON 3

It works very well, and I found it was really swift on getting the right codes for my devices so that I could start controlling the volume and channel without having to reach for the main remote. So perfect it is !

Samsung Galaxy S4 WatchON 4

Just love the ideal of having my on remote control that has all my favourite channel stored and control by myself on my private phone.

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