Vietnam Phuoc Loi Restaurant Kepong

Vietnam Phuoc Loi Kepong 1

At recent I took my mate who just got back from Australia for a lunch treat. Well nothing fancy but something very flavorful and a meal that I was not expected to be so good. Located at a row of single storey shop lot at Keping Baru 2.

Of course when eating out at a Vietnamese restaurant, having to sip their home brewed coffee over a chat is a must. I had mine iced while my friend had hers with condensed milk and ice. It took a while from the coffee to brew slowly draining out into the glass. A sip of their coffee can be so intriguing. Flavorful indeed that came with a strong hazelnut roasting smell and a slight buttery taste. I got to confess it was one of the best brewed coffee indeed. Can be very addictive.

Vietnam Phuoc Loi Kepong 3

Flipping through their menu was a hard job to perform as it was really thick filled with photos, yes it was definitely a photo album. There were many to choose but I wanted to keep it simple and order a bowl of Beef Pho Noodle Soup for my self to try out. The soup base was very nice indeed and very flavorful. The pho noodle was good, I am sure it came from the imported Vietnamese packaged dry noodle. The beef was slight hard to my liking but the soup and pho were fabulous and had them topped with sweet basil, the whole eating experience was so fabulous and fragrantly flavorful. Love it and cleaning the whole bowl was not too difficult,

Vietnam Phuoc Loi Kepong 2

My mate ordered a bowl of Chicken Mungbean Noodle Soup which looked gorgeous to me. I did not hesitate to request for a try, The noodle was tasty crunchy as I would put it as perfect, cooked well. The chicken soup was tasty and when mixed with sweet basil and herbs, it tasted really deliciously, simple and light.

Vietnam Phuoc Loi Kepong

I saw something that caught my eye, it was their rice wrappers. I order the chicken one and I believed it was cooked from fresh as it took longer to arrive. Our eyes we popping out when we saw how gorgeous the minced chicken was done. Skillfully wrapped over with kaduk leafs and pan fried. Side came together a big plate of fresh greens – lettuce, beansprout, cucumber, mint leafs and sweet basil leafs. It was simple to prepare, just wet the dry rice wrapper and filled it with the chicken roll, beansprout, cucumber, mint leafs and sweet basil leafs and rolled it. Eat with the accompanied homemade chilli fish sauce. Verdict: It was delicious, light and a fabulous experience. A great snack over meeting conversation.

Vietnam Phuoc Loi Kepong 4

I would love to recommend this restaurant as so much dishes to explore and to try. You will definitely be deliciously pampered and a thrill of food experience. I will be back for more. . . . . . . Sidney Kan

Restaurant Vietnam Phuoc Loi
No 13, Jalan Ambang 2
Kepong Baru 2
Tel No: 03-62500515

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