Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 1
Veg Fish Farm Thai

Got very excited upon learning of my eating schedule, it stated that I need to eat up at Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant along Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat. That is just terrific for a Saturday lunch and the weather was rather good for an outdoor food excursion. It was not a hot warm day but it was rather a moody day that suits a great drive out of the city and cross the green forest. It was about an hour drive out to this place from Petaling Jaya crossed over Ampang heading towards Hulu Langat village. It is about 4km from Ampang and just situated on the left of the road and very easy to notice as signboards are everywhere.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 21

Situated deep in a valley like location not far from the roadside gives this place such an exotic feel and very to nature. A lake restaurant was created in this valley that churned out Thai cuisine plus some local favourites. Love the setting, very scenic and clean. Love to see beautiful home breed fishes swimming in big groups across the mini lake. We were lucky too as we witness a group of wild monkeys in action playing with given food. Feeding the fishes was aloud, so definitely be a great place for children.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 22
Live Crabs

As walking into the restaurant, on the left a parading of live seafood welcomes the guests wanting to be picked. As for me I cant help of not noticing those awesome huge live crabs, mantis prawn and sea garoupa. Next to it the smell of pungent aroma of fresh BBQ seafood can so easily be detected through anyone’s nostril. It was truly exciting, salivating already before even ordering the food. On the right it was the Thai dessert counter when lady cookers were busy getting their poached tapioca and taco ready. Fresh greens were plenty to pick from, paraded on the table.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 20
Pick & Cook Vegetables

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 18
Getting BBQ Salted Coated Fish Ready

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 19
The BBQ Baby Octopus on Action

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 16
A Thai Salad Making Counter

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 17
An Exciting Thai Dessert Making

It was like a long march of tables parading into the side of the lake and we took the last end table as we felt it was secluded and quiet. Things came swiftly, plates, forks, spoons and ordering was make at no time. Keep on reading, this is what we had ordered and tried that luncheon.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 4
Poached Sea Snails

The serving was truly fast for lunch, the dishes came swiftly. First to arrive was the poached sea snails served with chili sauce. It was so chic and slick to see myself indulging something so different and its sea snail. Texture was robust and crunchy. It tasted great over the accompanied chilli sauce. Well poached sea snails as definitely not on my top list dish on that day as I find it rather tasteless and a need a lot of working on it before one can gourmet it as I am not a patient person. I want to taste my food at ease. Overall it was a good eating experience dish.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 10
Sticking out the Sea Snail

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 6
BBQ Baby Octopus

The plate BBQ Baby Octopus came with such a thrill to look at. Right away I fork into it without any hesitation. Laced every piece with the accompanied chili sauce. The texture was firm and not rubbery. It was not a bad dish. :)

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 8
Pandan Chicken

Love their pandan chicken which was so well wrapped and tucked away which such a fragrant smell and actually it tasted really good. One pandan chicken each was not enough to satisfy our needs, next time we need to order a medium portion size rather than a small portion. Devine !

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 11
BBQ Cockles

Giant Cockles excited me. Never seen such a big size before. It was done on the charcoal grilled. I quite like it but my lunching partners found it a bit of a waste as the cooking style did not shine the cockles. Maybe poaching and eating with chili sauce would be better.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 5
Papaya Salad

Thai Papaya Salad was OK I think. Well papaya salad in general was not my thing but we ordered cause my foodie friends like it. Had a bit is wasn’t that bad, crunchy in texture and had a refreshing sourness sweet taste. Suits well for those who get sucks on pickles lol!

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 3
White Tom Yum Seafood Soup

The white Tom Yum seafood soup was really good, definitely fresh ingredients were put into play. Very refreshing but the small portion we ordered truly not enough to feed five hungry eaters so next time need to place a medium size order lol!

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 2
Deep Fried Salted Live Mantis Prawn

Fresh cooked live seafood is always taste good and really don’t need much work to imbed into them. Just make any pick it will satisfy your craving. Here the mantis prawn was done excellently, Crisp on the outside while the meat inside was refreshingly sweet and texture was firmly nice. Love it !

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 7
BBQ Salted Talapia Fish

I just love this salted coated baked/grilled fish. Here tilapia fishes are put into play to served those craving customer like myself. Ours was perfectly dished out, very moist inside and the taste of light saltiness can easily be detected sipping its way into the flesh. Very delicious done and taste marvellously. A very well crafted dish.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 12
Steamed Talapia Fish with Fresh Lemon Juice

Craving for another dish, yes we were. We rushed for another order and we had the steamed tilapia fish with fresh lemon juice. It was really good and truly refreshing. Sweet and yet flushing with sourness in it. Texture of the fish was firm and moist, plucking with tingling taste of sourness sweet in my mouth got me wanting it more. Goes very well with white rice or just eat it as a whole, wow intrigued!

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 15
Steamed Tapioca and Taco

Moving to the dessert was just another exciting session. I had a love story with Thai steamed tapioca. I just adored the firm biting texture after being boiled in the water then the sugar syrup. Having it with covered with thick aroma coconut milk with at tangling saltiness and make me kneel down with desire. Just like my love life. (Wakakakakakakakkaka……) The taco, a coconut milk pudding with infused with chopped water chestnut was thrilling to eat. Excellent desserts.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat 13
Tub Tim Krob & ABC

To kill and to satisfy our thirst before leaving we had Thai’s famous Tub Tim Krob and also their version of ABC. Bothe went well with our taste buds and we came out very satisfying. It was good weekend lazy lunch and week spend at Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant. Must try if you are into good ambient and satisfying food.

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant Hulu Langat
Foodies on Hot Pursuit

Veg Fish Farm Thai Restaurant
KM4, Jalan Ampang – Hulu Langat
68000 Ampang Selangor
Tel No:
019-2606493 (Eugene Ng)
010-2111519 (Bua Chan)
012-2868193 (William Ng)

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