Samsung Galaxy S4 presents Wind Chimes in a Bakery

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 3

Yesterday I attended the press conference of the new up coming online series named Wind Chimes in a Bakery. Here Samsung, a leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, launched its unique web series, Wind Chimes in a Bakery. The web series features a story about Adam and Sue – a boy with nothing but a dream and a girl with everything but love. The story follows Adam after a tragedy in Sue’s life, as he recalls the best moments they had together.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 8

Vincent Chong, Head of Mobile Phone Division, Samsung Malaysia Electronics said:

“Wind Chimes in a Bakery is a Korean-inspired love story brought to life by our flagship, the Samsung GALAXY S4. Designed with unique lifestyle features, the GALAXY S4 is built to be the perfect Life Companion. Samsung is committed to create new moments of discoveries for its consumers, whether through our products or initiatives such as Wind Chimes in a Bakery.”

Wind Chimes in a Bakery

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 10

Korean dramas have gained significant popularity in Malaysia. Seeking innovative means to create meaningful moments that resonate with Malaysians, Samsung collaborated with Korean director, Jang Jae Hyeok, to give this local production a unique Korean essence.

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Tan Kien Eng, Chief Executive Officer of Leo Burnett Group Malaysia, said,

“The Samsung GALAXY S4 is the phone which understands your needs. With its rich set of features that enhances day-to-day life, it is a true life companion. To communicate this message, we chose to create a Korean drama inspired web series that features the GALAXY S4 as the catalyst for two people from different worlds to rediscover their love.”

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 7

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 1

Jang was very excited to be involved in the project. He said,

“I was drawn to the script of Wind Chimes in a Bakery as I am passionate about stories that inspire possibilities. I believe that love evokes the strongest and purest emotions in audiences. I felt a strong calling to push the boundaries of Korean drama for all Malaysians.”

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 9

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 2

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 4

The main cast would be cutest of Ahmad Nabil as Adam and gorgeous Koe Yeet as Sue, while Awal and Liyana appearing in the show too.

Wind Chimes in a Bakery 5

Wind Chimes in a Bakery’s first episode will be aired on Samsung Malaysia’s Youtube channel on Saturday, 20 July 2013. A new episode will air every Saturday for 8 weeks.

For more information on Wind Chimes in a Bakery, please visit Samsung Malaysia’s Youtube channel, or visit the Samsung Mobile Malaysia Facebook page at

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