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Lek Lek Water Duckling 1
White Water Duckling

It had been while now I had not been indulge the cooking churned by Lek Lek himself together with his son-in-law. I was there this week for a treat of new dishes and was smacked with great sweet surprised especially their wild river prawn cooked in pineapple wine which was truly refreshing and his white water duckling that left me sucking my fingers.

Lek Lek Water Duckling

I was on the looked out for months on the white water duckling a friend told me about this dish that can be found at a restaurant near by Balakong’s wet market but the finding was a dead-end. I presumed I was lucky and I found it here at Lek Lek. The duckling had been a great saltiness in taste and hinted with Chinese rice wine. I presumed the duckling had a steaming or sauna session before put into play. I like the taste and the outcome of the texture, something rather different in taste.

Lek Lek Pineapple Wine 1
Claypot Wild River Prawn in Pineapple Wine

Another absolutely and yet a discovery for me, prawn cooked in pineapple wine broth was just terrific. I am a strong flavor person and a sucker for dishes that contained with hints of sweetness and sourness. Got to confessed I had lost count the number of bowls of broth I took and it tamed me that few seconds of moment. I was timid at play indulging good food. Fresh prawn is a must for this dish!

Lek Lek Pineapple Wine

Lek Lek Steamed Black Talapia Fish
Steamed Black Talapia Fish

How did I get into indulging such a big whole black tilapia? As I can recalled I had the first experience this year at a restaurant located at USJ Summit Subang. A true indulgence, the fish must be at least 3 kg and above and the meat texture is must firmer and the skin which I like most had a fabulous biting texture and contained great gelatin in taste that good for skin. Having a good supreme soy sauce is a must for this dish.

Lek Lek Mutton Curry
Mutton Curry

Pungent with wildness of spice and curry flavor is their mutton curry. Done in strong flavor and the mutton was tenderly crafted to perfection.

Lek Lek Lemongrass Pork Knuckle
Lemongrass Pork Knuckle with Tamarind Sauce

Have a well braised pork knuckle is a must, tender melting fats and moist texture is a must. Here it was done to my licking, just love the dish. The present of the tamarind sauce just so refreshing and provide a good appetite for the day.

I will definitely be back for more . . . . . . Sidney Kan

Restoran Lek Lek
No 12, Jalan PSK4
Pusal Perdagangan SK
43300 Seri Kembangan
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel No: 03 8941 3404

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