Restaurant Tai Soon Curry House Kampong Baru Sungei Buloh

Tai Soon 7
Tai Soon’s Kitchen

Before further reading just be aware that Restaurant Tai Soon Curry House Kampong Baru Sungei Buloh opens from 11am till 4pm and closes on Sunday. I came to know about this restaurant ages ago but did not manage get time off to make a visit. Today I got myself to be there for lunch with my friend of mine Chun Kit. The restaurant located at the end of the village infused within the individual wooden houses. The restaurant has ample parking space just across the empty area.

Tai Soon 1
Tai Soon’s Goose Ready for Roasting

What attracts the crowd here for lunch is their roasting especially the roasted goose, roasted duckling and also their curry. I was well informed about their delicious roasted goose selling at RM90 for half while a whole goose cost RM180. For us we decided to opt trying their baby duckling as there we only two of us.

Tai Soon 4
Half Portion of Baby Duckling

I like the taste of the roasted duckling and truly well marinated. The taste of roasting can be easily detected while hinted herbal smell break into my nostril. Great taste, firm texture and fragrant smile. Definitely a classic baby duckling to put on the table for a great play.

Tai Soon 3
Steamed Pork Belly with Sweet Potato

The next dish that came swiftly was their steamed pork belly slice with sweet potato. Not sure the creativeness of this dish as usually this Hakka dish comes with yam slice indeed. I was informed that they has the option of having it with arrowroots (Fun Koh), this is interesting. The taste of this dish surely will not have much to complain about as it was tasty and fragrant while noticeable the present of fermented beancurd. Creative can be exciting but for this dish I found that the sweet potato was not cooked well and some slices taste awesome and a few taste rather not cooked and hard in texture. Well I got no choice but to compliment them for having such delicious pork belly that the fat just melts right away and oozed with comfort in my mouth.

Tai Soon 2
Chilled Homemade Tofu

The tofu came chilled and dressed over soy sauce while topped with caramelized sliced shallots. It had a nice cooling in taste and light in my mouth. Can be a likeable dish. can be an effortless dish to prepare.

Tai Soon
Wok Fried Kangkong with Shrimp Paste

Great to have something rather different from the norm as we always have it wok fried with sambal. Here it was just wok fried with shrimp paste, crisp pork and lard. It was nice, keep to the basic in taste which brings out the freshness of the kangkong itself. Interesting taste that sets a part from others style of wok frying.

Tai Soon 5
Newspaper Cuttings about Tai Soon

Tai Soon 6

Truly a place to explore if you are in the area and plenty pick from and the staff here is friendly . . . . .I like it here, Sidney Kan

Restoran Tai Soon Curry House
434, Jalan Taiping
Kg. Baru Sg. Buloh
Tel NO: 012 2953488

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