Recipe Baby Pork Ribs with Supreme Onion Soy Sauce

Baby Pork Ribs with Supreme Onion Soy Sauce

I just love this sauce, it tasted fabulously. Definitely suits meat and a great companion at any kitchen whether braised, pan fried or barbeque For myself smell and taste are two main factor of any dishing out. Discovering this supreme onion soy sauce can be such a blessing.



The discovery of the sauce. If you might have read my recent post, dining with classic Chef Roy Wong, this sauce appeared in one of his dishes, the baked lamb cutlet. We analyzed about this particular dish as it caught my attention due to its flavor and taste, fragrant with a hint of sweetness in it. Definitely this lamb cutlet had very natural taste in it. Chef Roy Wong had make the onion supreme soy sauce in advance and glazed it over his lamb cutlet during baking . . . . . . . . . Yup I took his idea and improvised it slightly, I had the sauce added into my braising using the electric pressure cooker. The outcome was amazingly genius !

800gm Baby Pork Ribs (have it butched to 1.5 inches in length each)
200gm Shallots ( Sliced)
200ml Chu Yeh Ching Chew (Chinese Wine)
200ml Supreme Soy Sauce
3tbspn Dark (thick) Soy Sauce
35gm Rock Sugar (use less sugar if preferred)
100ml Water
3-4 Dry Chilli (optional)
50ml Oil

Philips 1

1. Rinse the pork ribs and had it boiled over hot water for a few minutes to clear off the unwanted residue. At put it aside.
2. Heat up the wok with oil and deep fry the slice shallots till golden brown. I prefer fresh made rather than ready made ones because they are more fragrant and taste better. Warning : Don’t burn your fried onions as it will have an unpleasant bitter after taste.3. Once shallot is ready and golden in colour, place all the ingredients into the electric pressure cooker. (baby pork ribs, supreme soy sauce, dark soy sauce, Chu Yeh Ching Chew, water, dry chilli, rock sugar, fried shallots)
4. Closed the cover and lock.
5. Hit the meat and start buttons and it will cook for about 30mins.

sidney 1

I just love this dish, very fragrant due to the three elements the Chinese wine, supreme soy sauce and the fried onions. I had mine with brown rice (my usual rice) but you can top them over your egg noodles too. I find it totally terrific. Love it to pieces, it makes me hungry when thinking of it.

It is awesome to bring such delicious recipe into one’s dining room and even better sharing with friends over dinner or lunch at home. Bringing in the restaurant into your own home. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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