Ramadhan Buffet at BALI HAI Seafood Village Kota Damansara

Bali Hai 14
Crispy Deep Fried Squid

Their buffet spread for the main dishes care just as good as it looks. I would definitely be sitting next to their awesome crab dishes as I am a big fan. That evening we had tasted their garlic and oats crab plus their spicy crab. It was really yummy. I know someone was hammering their crabs, yup the one who seat next to me lol! Having to speak, a variety of seafood dishes make its way to the spread such as fresh oysters and even cheese baked ones can be found. Squid, octopus, fish, prawn dishes too were well spread on the buffet counter.

Bali Hai 15
Black Peppered Lamb Cutlets

Bali Hai 16
Spicy Chilli Octopus

Bali Hai 17
Spice Mussels

Bali Hai 18
Clams in Superior Broth

Bali Hai 19
Asam Pedas Fish

Bali Hai 20
Curry Leaf Prawns

Bali Hai 21
Lemon Chicken

Bali Hai 22
Mix Vegetable in Sambal

Bali Hai 23
Beraini Rice

Bali Hai 24
Fresh Oysters

Bali Hai 25
Garlic & Oat Crabs

Bali Hai 27
Mix Vegetable in Basket

Bali Hai 29
Golden Prawn & Sambal Squid with Stinking Beans

Bali Hai 30
Cheese Baked Oysters

Bali Hai 31
Deep Fried Crispy Chicken with Thai Sauce

Bali Hai 33
Lamb Chop with BBQ Sauce

That evening was a great night, photos do tell. We had indulged the food as shown above and hope you will have a great time this Ramadan at Bali Hai . . . . . Sidney Kan

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