Ramadhan Buffet at BALI HAI Seafood Village Kota Damansara

Bali Hai 2
BBQ Station

Bali Hai 26
Mushrooms and Bean ready for BBQ

Bali Hai 7

Just love the scene of the BBQ station that can work wonders. How can one resist the Indonesian style satay which done differently with our local satay, theirs mostly marinated with dark soy sauce. Even here that caught my attention was the way thy present their BBQ chicken wings, looked nice. Well I got to confessed that everyone that evening was mesmerizing by their BBQ Yama fish, they were so delicious and even those fine fish bones can be eaten. Love them all. Well as for the BBQ selection, watch out for their big fresh water prawns, they are truly exciting to watch, look and taste ! (do check if this prawn dish be offer for the day as the menu varies everyday)

Bali Hai 12

Bali Hai 13
Indonesian Style Satay

Bali Hai 6
BBQ Chicken Wings

Bali Hai 28
BBQ Sama Fish

Bali Hai 32
Grilled huge fresh water prawns

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