Ramadhan Buffet at BALI HAI Seafood Village Kota Damansara

Bali Hai 4

Last night dinner was at Bali Hai Seafood Village located at Kota Damansara which opened last September 2012. This is my first time visit and to me, it was very impressive. Great company, fabulous food and friendly services, just absolute fantastic. Our mission was to try out their Ramadhan Buffet starting from 8th July till 9th August.

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This place is huge and full of comfort, the seating capacity at Bali Hai Kota Damansara is 700-800, featuring 5 private dining rooms, and 8 gazebo huts. While 3 out of 5 of the private dining rooms are equipped with Karaoke sets. To my surprise their washrooms are air-conditioned too ! :)

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Bali Hai’s Ramadan Buffet is at RM98nett for adult while children between 6-12yo is at RM48nett. Dinner starts from 6.30pm till 9.00pm. According to the restaurant captain their Ramadhan buffet menu items is rotated everyday while the cooking styles may be different as to maintain the variety of flavours and taste. By the way if you celebrate your birthday (with at least 10 of your loved ones) during the Ramadhan at Bali Hai, you will receive a complimentary cake. The following is my short story of my food odyssey experience at Bali Hai.

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As you enter the restaurant you will able to see the parading of live seafood aquarium on the right. It was breath taking view. Huge lobsters, crabs and fish are on display. Just felt like the ocean was brought to a stand still right infront of me. Beautiful yet live seafood doesn’t come cheap this days. But definitely sharing with a group will be more affordable. That will be my next trip, I want that Alaska carb and the geo duck ! :)

Bali Hai 8
The Bali Hai’s Kitchen

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