Pau Loong Banquet Hall Teluk Intan

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 13
Pau Loong Banquet Hall Teluk Intan

Having to be invited and wait to taste the gourmet that is building up in the kitchen can be such mind blowing thing to do. “Will it be delicious or will it be a flop?”, I always ask myself when I am confronted with such dinner meet. I am truly not a good liar like some do, I just can’t smile and blow out the whistle of good news. Hence I learned the technique of conveying the not so good news in a good manner and work it out with the chefs and come out with a good solution. As for myself I just can’t hammer the badness of the food like some do. Some people thinks they have the right to talk bad in the public just because they pay for the food, to me I think they are bad people with just bad after taste.

As for me this time I travelled a bit further with a two and the half hours car drive at about an average of 80km/hour. Yes my first time out of Kuala Lumpur town for a food review. I was thrilled and excited about this trip. It had been some time now I wanted to try out his cooking, Chef Q (Khiew) at his restaurant Pau Loong Banquet Hall located at Teluk Intan. Amazing how one can be like myself will do, just due to the thrill of taste and the awesome goodness of food.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 1
Deep Fried Herbal Pigeon

I arrived at the Pau Long Banquet Hall with Sunny Yaw my resident baker, Ka Leng, young boy Pong Pong and her younger sister Mei Mei. Seat ourself at a very well prepped table with slightly luxurious plates, spoons, forks and knives. First dish to meet up was the deep fried herbal pigeon which looked normal. It looked rather like a piece of a near by KFC but I was rather caught wrongly. Simple it may look normal from the outside but the texture was really good, thoroughly moist inside and had an interesting bursting herbal in taste while crisp on the outside. Definitely a great start off.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan
Sliced Fish with Stinking Bean in Cincalok Sauce

Then came this Korean stone bowl that got my attention. well how can one escaped form the fabulous aroma of goodness. It was such a lovely fictitious smell of cincalok (a type of fermented baby shrimps pink in colour kept in bottles) and the taste was gorgeous, a hint of sweet and sourness. While the present of the stinking beans make the whole dish just amazingly tasty and crunchy. I also tamarind juice being put into play and zest up the dish. Great large elements being put into great use. I just freaking love it.
Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 3
Braised Whole Abalone with Fresh River Prawn

Actually I was waiting for this next dish as I wanted to have it, not just to try it. Well Chef Q himself had advanced informed me about this dish and I truly fancy abalone, smooth, crunchy and truly suiting. Definitely one of my favourite element in Chinese cooking. I was excited that Chef Q cleverly played it with fresh river prawn. The abalone brown sauce superb and dressed the prawn so well and so was the whole abalone. Oh I wish I could have another plate at that moment and second. Greatly crafted.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 2

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 4
Thinly Sliced Tofu with Braised Seafood

OMG! I thought I saw a piece of art work rather an edible dish, that was what I felt when this plate of thinly sliced tofu coated with light brown sauce being put on display. A total piece of edible art which showed the skill of knife cutting. I can’t imagine the pressure being put into cutting a soft and gentle tofu. Definitely the art of cutting skills and precision being put on display. At the centre a combination of braised seafood such as dry scallop. fresh crab meat, mushroom and many more elements were put into task to achieve a balance taste and texture with the tofu. I truly value the afford being but into this dish, it was truly a great display of the night and we just adored it.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 6

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 5
BBQ Pork Cutlet

The BBQ pork cutlet was next. Plated well and done to taste with ‘char siew’ taste as I expected. I was just waiting for another excitement, a surprise but I have yet to find at that moment. Still the tofu stand firmly the best. :)

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 7
Claypot Wild River Prawn

The claypot wild river prawn was not too bad as the coated sauce played well and hold the wok fried prawn well in taste and texture, it was very fresh but the only seat back of the river prawn is the head itself is huge while the body itself is small, so therefore this prawn don’t produce a lot of meat but handful. What makes so diners go for them would be taste of their roe. Some would filled plentiful. Anyway it was not a bad dish to have, we like it.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 8
Deep Fried Shrimp Paste Spare Ribs

The wok fried spare ribs marinated with shrimp paste was not too bad, great taste, smell and moist inside. The only one thing that I was not impressed was the looked. The ribs was monotonousness in its colour, brown. I joked about it with Chef Q. We smiled about it and I am not sure how he is going to beautify the dish. Well who cares as long the ribs is good!

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 9
Braised Boneless Pork Knuckle

As waited for another intensifying dish and it came with such a style. So well prepped, it make everyone guessing what is was, as it came like a red hat in shape. It was a braised boneless pork knuckle. It truly had an impressive look. I love the softness of the texture and tenderness of the meat while the oozing fats that caught my taste buds. It had an amazing flavor and texture. It went off fast, it was cleaned in no time. It was really good, a must have dish at this restaurant, it was at a very affordable price compared to Kuala Lumpur. Amazing and one of the most likeable dish that night. Yes I raved about it ! :)

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 10

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 12
Stir Fried Dragon Chives

It was nice to have the dragon chives making its way to the dining table. It was perfectly wok done and was not overly cooked. Nice infused flavor and nice biting texture.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 11
Seafood Fried Rice

We requested a fried rice as I was still slightly hungry at that late evening maybe due to long distant drive. Not too bad, the fried rice had a great work hei (wok smell) and I like it.

Pau Long Banquet Hall Teluk Intan 14
Chef Khiew & Chef Voon of Pau Loong Banquet Hall

Two great chefs, Chef Q and Chef Voon working hand in hand at Pau Long Banquet Hall truly brings out the taste of Teluk Intan. As it was so good we decided to came back to the restaurant the next evening but that will be another one great story telling later. Awesome travelling in search of good food . . .. . . . . . Sidney Kan

Pau Loong Banquet Hall
Lot 938, Jalan Maharajalela
36000 Teluk Intan
Tel No : +605 6228252

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