Nasi Lemak Atan Chow Kit

Nasi Lemak Atan 2
Rows of Atan’s Packed Nasi Lemak

Having to attend events that ends at late night can be tricky to find something to eat except to be present at a mamak stall. I always like to defunct on my schedule. I diverted to Chow Kit night market and surpisingly got my bamboo starfruit and something I would like to try on, a bunch of tapioca shots/leaves. The ferns will definitely to be cooked with dense coconut milk, turmeric and birds eye chili. After the buying and negotiating, it was time to have an early morning breakfast. The nearest and not so heavy indulgence would best to drop by Atan’s Nasi Lemak, just across.

Nasi Lemak Atan
Freshly Packed Nasi Lemak in Production

Having to tag along with my dslr camera we make the hunt. Eyes were alarming staring at us but flashes just went off without any warning. :) Piping steaming warmed coconut milk rice was scoop out from the big tub and placed accurately on the banana leaf with sambal and egg, wrapped over with our national daily newspaper. All the customer had their own plastic basket to fill up with the warm packed nasi lemak and even can request to add on tapas sizes of beef rendang, grilled beef lung, fried eye, beef lung sambal, fried egg and many more on display. For more do arrive early as for 2am there wasn’t must variety to preach for.

Nasi Lemak Atan 1
Hardboiled Eggs

Nasi Lemak Atan 6
Hardboiled Pigeon Egg cooked in Sambal

Nasi Lemak Atan 5
Cooked Beef Lung in Sambal

Nasi Lemak Atan 4
Beef Rendang

Nasi Lemak Atan 3
Sticks of Grilled Slices of Beef Lung

Nasi Lemak Atan 7

As for myself I help myself with a plate of nasi lemak topped with beef lung sambal. It was awesome in taste and it was still warm and nice. I drown myself with a glass of chilled ice lemon tea ! Definitely a great early morning snack !

Nasi Lemak Atan 8
Nasi Lemak Atan at Chow Kit

Lot 1185 1A Lorong Haji Hussein off Jalan Haji Hussein,
Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur

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