Recipe Chinese Pear Soup with Pork Ribs Chinese Dates and Wolfberries

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I know. I am full of delight, why? Well having to be the proud owner of a Philip Electric Pressure Cooker can be so fabulous. Yeah, you may think that I am rather crazy but churning out fabulous delicious food can be so rewarding. Ever since I had it with me I had been churning out from one recipe to another one, well it’s fun and its so cool! It is easy, slicky clean and makes myself feels so funky. Foremost I can express my ideas and also release my stress too sometimes. Effortless and having the good food on the table. Yes not forgetting to cook and to impress too. Today I am sharing my first recipe with you, my simple Chinese Pear Soup with Pork Ribs Chinese Dates and Wolfberries.



Here I got to confess that the inspiration of this recipe came while having a chit chat over dinner with Chef Woo of Woo Ng Kee Restaurant. I just loved my chats with amazing chefs over this seven years especially when I stepped into this world of cooking.

Recipe : Chinese Pear Soup with Pork Ribs Chinese Dates and Wolfberries

2 Chinese Pears
500gm Pork Ribs
15gm Wolfberries
20gm Chinese Dates
1/2 teaspoon salt (for taste)
2 bowl of water

soup 1

1. Boiled the pork ribs over hot water and discard the water.
2. Peel off the Chinese Pear skin.
3. Place all the ingredient in the pressure cooker and cooked it for 30mins

The outcome of this soup is amazing delicious suits very well for the throat, makes your throat like having a throat spa. Yes treat it well. I just feel having a soft smooth throat, lovely.

With the abundance of fiber in the pears helps prevent constipation, promotes regularity, helps reduce cholesterol levels, and aids the removal of toxins from the intestinal tract, which helps prevent colon cancer, diverticular disease and irritable bowel syndrome.

While the wolfberries, it strengthen the liver and kidney, nourishing essence. It can help lower back and knee pain as well as tinnitus, insomnia, nightmares, spontaneous emission and early onset of aging.

Then the Chinese Dates are a superb functional food, regulating body mechanism, stopping coughing and reduce phlegm and restraining nerve center and calming the mind

So no harm of trying this recipe as it is not expensive, at the wet market price . . . a 500gm pork rib (RM10), 2 Chinese Pears (RM5), the rest is a few ringgit only, so the total is just less than RM20 for a whole bowl of goodness soup for whole family ! I am sure they will love you to bits . . . . . . . .!

Happy trying and a good week . . . .. . .. Sidney Kan !

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