Berbuka Puasa at Saujana Hotel

Hotel Saujana 2

This Ramadan, break your fast under the magical moonlight and starry sky with numerous Malaysian-style hawker stalls buffet spread. The live Ghazal performances will ensure that you dine in style. I was there for the food during a recent preview. The first thing that came to my mind was their whole BBQ lamb. It was truly lovely. I was given a piece of jewel, I very moist and succulent lamb which came from the middle part. Was told not to indugle the hard ones.

Hotel Saujana 3

I always love stall setting that comes with food. Poking into each one can be intrigging as each has it’s own uniquiness and taste, a truly discovery. On that night I was excited to find the curry laksa was truly delicious, smooth, the curry soup was fantastic. The popiah as usual wet, very tasty and yet played simple.

Hotel Saujana 4

Here I got to admit that the ayam percik on the grill was just perfectly delicious and perfectly exercised to the burning perfection. Not forgetting the good story of the sauce, it did the balancing act in compromising the whole dish. Love it, my favourite,

Hotel Saujana 1

As for the main, my favourite was the pucuk paku masak lemak, the paku was tender and robust to my liking. The prawn was perfectly cooked to taste. The rendsing ayam tasted very fresh bursting with aroma and flavours. Not too bad but yet I was craving for rendang tok, my favourite.

Hotel Saujana

Hotel Saujana 8

As they say the best alway kept to the last and sure we had that experience here. I was put into a cooling chamber licking up with my handmade ice cream. it was just superb,fabulous gummy texture and just chill you throught the night. Lovely experience . . . . Sidney Kan

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Hotel Saujana 10

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09 July – 07 August 2013 @ Suria Cafe
RM105++ per person

For enquiries and reservations, call +603 7843 1234 ext. 6122 or email

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    The Ayam perchik & Chili prawn was look great & tasty!
    ????´s last blog post ..Restaurant Vietnam Phuoc Loi @ Jalan Ambong 2, Kepong Baru

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