Victoria Premier’s Luncheon at Berjaya University College of Hospitality

Putting Victoria ‘s Food on Malaysia Tables

The Hon Dr Denis Napthine MP

It was just perfect Sunday morning where I attended a fabulous luncheon invited by the Premier Dr Denis Napthine of the Victoria State Government at BERJAYA University College of Hospitality. That fabulous morning not just only myself and the media but the Malaysian food industry leaders had a taste of Victorian food at this special showcase lunched prepared by Melbourne food icon Daniel Wilson, head chef and owner of Huxtable and the Huxtaburger outlets.

Put Victoria on your table 1
The Guests at The Luncheon

This event was the first of the Victorian Coalition Government’s super Trade Mission to South East Asia with the menu featuring produce sourced from Victoria and available locally in Kuala Lumpur.

Premier Denis Napthine said the lunch was designed to highlight Victoria’s strengths in food and agribusinee and tap into Malaysia’s increasingly lubricative consumer market.

“This fantastic event is a great way to showcase Victoria’s top quality produce, prepared by one of Victoria’s leading chef and matched with some of Victoria’s famous wines.” Premier Denis Napthine said
Put Victoria on your table
Melbourne Food Icon Daniel Wilson

According to the Premier, South East Asia’s demand for fresh quality produce is growing exponentially and Victorian producers are wll-placed to expand into these markets. The Primier himself also had informed that the Coalition Government had recently announced the development of a food plan for Victoria and it will position the state as a major supplied of food to Asia. Therfore this event is a good opportunity to give key decision makers in the Malaysian hospitality industry a taste of what Victoria has to offer.

“We wanted to send the message that safe, quality produce is available right on their doorstep with increasing diret transport links from Victoria to Malaysia and right across the South East Asia region.” The Premier elaborated.

Put Victoria on your table 3
Canapes – Abalone with Pickled Mushrooms & Dashi

The luncheon menu featured a range of premium Victorian seafood, beef and other fresh produce. First came walking around on the tray was the Abalone with Pickled Mushrooms & Dashi. The mushroom was so well placed on the spoon and topped with a sliced of abalone topped with a dashed of soft fried onions. It tasted absolute delicious, great biting texture of the mushroom (not overly cooked to retained it’s crunchiness), while the cramelised onion flavoured the abaolone perfectly. How I wish that Chef Daniel had it’s abalone sliced generously thick! :) Truly it was just a perfect canape to start the luncheon.

Put Victoria on your table 12
Canapes – Filo Logs of Lamb Puttanesca, Lemon Yoghurt

The second capanes that was moving around was the Filo Logs of Lamb Puttanesca drizzled with lemon yoghurt and kept me very happily cuddled at the corner while sipping happily with my sparkling wine. Yes it was really moist inside while the crisp filo kept me trailing for more. It was a generously bite size and thrilled my taste buds too. Amazingly yummy.

Put Victoria on your table 7
Paired with Brown Brothers “Patricia” Pinot Chardonnay (sparkling) 2006

The canapes were paired well with the air flown in 2006 Patricia Pinot Noir & Chardonnay Brut Brown Brothers.. It washed wll with the abalone and had a nice he nutty aroma while bursting with fine bubbles. I love it’s bursting taste of citrus and defintely suits my liking on such a nice warm Sunday.

Put Victoria on your table 5
Plated – Salad of Victorian Rock Lobster Poached in Olive Oil with Abalone with a Lemon Custard & Pickled Baby Vegetables

My Sunday brunch came true with such a joy when my plate was filled with lobster. Yes I had a Salad of Victorian Rock Lobster Poached in Olive Oil with Abalone with a Lemon Custard & Pickled Baby Vegetables, the salad was very refreshing while the poached rock lobster meat was just teriffic. Love the texture and worked so well with my palate. The whole dish was light and so likeable. Fresh seafood surely the best trick to dazzled any audience but having a good wine pairing it truly a bonus and here it was cleverly paired with Kooyong Farrago Chardonnay 2011 that came in tight and bright colour with a hinted crisp lemon and grapefruit. It was really likeable and I had three glasses of it by accident.

Put Victoria on your table 2
Paired with Kooyong Farrago Chardonnay 2011

Put Victoria on your table 8
Plated – Roast Eye Fillet of Victorian Beef with Horseradish Cream, Garlic Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage & a Victorian Red Wine Jus

The main was the Roast Eye Fillet of Victorian Beef that came with Horseradish Cream, Garlic Potatoes, Braised Red Cabbage & a Victorian Red Wine Jus. It was so delightful to looked and what’s more when one can forked into it and indulged it with fully of delight. The fillet was done half rare, just perfectly to my liking. It came juicily tender and had a great biting texture. The portion was keep to right size and it was so beautifully done, very flavourful. I liked it, executed perfectly. Picking the right red wine to pair with it is a must and Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 2008 was summoned to it. Definitely a delicious wine that lced with the aroma of black berries and mulberry with hinted with licorice aromas. Lovely smooth liquid gold to accompany the meal.

Put Victoria on your table 6
Seppelt St Peters Shiraz 2008

Put Victoria on your table 10
To Finish – Selection of Specialty Cheeses served with Victorian Produced Quince Paste & Biscuits

I just lovehow an assortment of Victorian cheeses came into play while accompanied with a glass of good red wine.

Put Victoria on your table 11
Paired with Mount Mary Pinot Noir 2010

The luncheon was prepared at a purpose built restaurant and kitchen in the Berjaya University College of Hospitality, which has recently partnered with Malbourne’s William Angliss Institute to offer students an opportunity to study hospitality in Malaysia.

Put Victoria on your table 9
Chef Daniel Wilson, Head Chef and Owner of Huxtable and The Huxtaburger Outlets

Over the next five days, Super Trade Mission delegates will visit six countries – Indonesia, Malaysia Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines. According to the Premier the Super Trade Mission is an important first step for Victoria to establish and nurture the relationships that are required to grow trade and investment with the rapidly growing economies of the South East Asia. As part of the food and agribusinee stream of the Super Trade Mission, there are approximately 60 companies and more than 80 delegatses.

Put Victoria on your table 4
Chef Daniel Wilson and Chef Jochen Kern

Put Victoria on your table 13
A Group Photo Session at the Luncheon

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