Concorde Hotel The Best of Penang and Johor Ramadan Buffet

Ramadan Buffet Concorde Hotel Shah Alam

The Holy month of Ramadan is the best time for Muslims to cleanse their soul, focus on God and to put all the Holy teachings into practice. Muslims fast from dawn until sun sets, offering more frequent prayers and restraining from wicked intentions during this month. By doing so, they endeavour to cleanse themselves through self-control and great acts of faith.

During this month, Muslims wake up early to have their pre-dawn meal (Sahur) before the call for morning prayers (Solat Subuh). They will then fast for the rest of the day until they hear the call for the evening prayers (Solat Maghrib). Ties between family and friends get closer as Muslims seek forgiveness from each other and endure the month together. In this multi-cultural country, non-Muslims are always invited to join in the break fast meal as we live harmoniously together.

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To welcome this Holy month, kitchens at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam are already brimming with an enthralling array of authentic Penang and Johor specialties. No other chef is more suitable to helm the kitchen than Chef Abdul Kinchi Mydin who was born and bred in Penang. Better known as Chef Mydin, he is a legendary master in cooking Penang delicacies especially the Indian Muslim’s Nasi Kandar dishes and I got invited to taste his creation for this coming Ramadan spread of goodies.

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Practically lives and breathes Nasi Kandar, he started his culinary adventure as early as 17 years old. With more than 55 years of culinary experiences, Chef Mydin will pair with his son Nor Hanif to thrill your palate with authentic dishes from the Pearl of Orient and specialty dishes that have been passed down by his family for four generations.

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Be caught up in an aromatic whirl of spices as Chef Mydin dishes up Ayam Masak Madu, Daging Masak Hitam, Crab Curry, Udang Galah Masala, the much sought after Lamb Shank Curry and his signature Fish Head Curry. If you are a big fan of Nasi Kandar, his homemade spices distinct in his redolently tempting Mamak curries. Truly a feast for the king, Chef Mydin also served numerous royalties throughout his more than 55 years of culinary experience including the Sultan of Selangor DYMM Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

As for myself I just fell for his simple “Ayam Masak Madu” Chicken cooked in honey, it was esquisite. I just love the taste and aroma that laced within the chicken itself. The lamb shank was put onto a showpiece that night and I was amazed the the size of the dish, awesome and I wonder if I can finish it by myself and he food was amazingly delicious.

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Beside the father-and-son duo, Chef Syahuddin Arshad or better known as Chef Dino has some of his best kept Johor favourites for you this Ramadan. Be spoilt forchoice from hawker delights like Mee Rebus Muar, Laksa Johor and Botok Botok to the delicious Nasi Briyani. That night I was fortunately to able to spoon into his Briyani creation, the rice was flavourful and the accompany curry was estaticily delicious. (got a secret kept here, I packed some home, lol)

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Chef Dino’s Nasi Briyani Gam Johor is a must-try. Whet your appetite with chicken, beef or mutton cooked with the fragrant, coloured long grains and spiced rice served with curry and pickled cucumber. It’s simply heavenly!

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On top of all these authentic goodness, also be satiated by a variety of appetizers as you break fast. Seafood on Ice, crisp Garden Greens, Waldorf & Almond Flakes Salad, Nyonya Kerabu Mangga, Assorted Kerabu, Assorted Acar and Lemang & Ketupat with Serunding, Grilled Beetroot with Orange Salad, Mediterranean Prawn Salad, Nicoise with Smoken Salmon Salad are some of the popular appetizers amongst all.

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The buffet also offers all-time favourite soups. Savour the must-have Bubur Lambuk, Sup Ikan Berserai, Sup Ekor Berempah, Sup Daging Rincik Utara, Gear Box Soup, Sup Campur Mamak Mydin, Seafood Chowder, Spinach Crab Meat Soup and more before you indulge in other local delicacies.

If you think the ‘Nasi’ are too much to handle, tuck into a hawker fare such as Mee Bandung, Penang Assam Laksa, Satay, Tauhu Bakar, Rojak Pasembur, Otak-Otak Kempas, Keropok Tiga Rasa, Sotong Kangkung, Lok-Lok, Acar Buah, Chicken Murtabak, Roti Jala, Yong Tau Fu, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Blanched Cockles.

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Over at the carving station, be sure to check out the aromatic goodness. Spicy marinated Baramundi, Honey-glazed Spiced Marinated Roasted Whole Lam and Mamak Spiced Roasted Whole Lamb are served with varieties of sauces.

One of the reasons Ramadan Buffet at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam is always loved by all is its value for money. Apart from all these, our Executive Chef Ghazali Hisham and his team will also prepare a galore of local delights to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. Be tempted by mouthwatering Lamb Nyonya Kapitan, Nam Heong Roasted Chicken, Black Bean Squid with Trio Pepper, Nyonya Prawn with Curry Leaf, Chili Crab Creamy Sauce and many more.

All these and more! The ‘buka puasa’ buffet has mouth-watering selection of desserts, fruits and ice cream. Wash it all down with ABC, Tapai Pulut & Tapai Ubi, Mango Cheese Cake, Mango Flan, Red Velvet, French Pastries, Bubur Kacang, Bubur Gandum & Jagung, Assorted Ice Cream, Tarts & Pudding, Pengat Pisang and many more! Also do not miss the Malay ‘kueh’ that are simply flavoursome!

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Breaking fast at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam is so convenient. Our Surau and Imam for jamaah Isya’ and Terawih prayers at level 3 allows our Muslim guests to break fast at ease without having to go far.

To please your palate, we offer 4 menus rotating daily. Priced at RM89.00++ per adult and RM44.50++ per child, ‘The Best of Penang & Johor’ Ramadan Buffet is available at Melting Pot Café (Lobby Level) and Grand Ballroom (Level 1) of Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

Catch the special promotion of RM69.00++ per person during the first 3 days and last 3 days of Ramadan month. On other days, *1 diner breaks fast for free with every 10 paying guests.

For inquiries or reservations, please call +603 5512 2200 ext 2440 / 2406 or email to Reservations opens now, please reserve your seats early to avoid disappointment.

This Ramadan, also spend some time together with your family here at Concorde Hotel Shah Alam. Available from 1 July to 31 August 2013 only, our Value Room Deals start from RM148.00++ per room per night only. We are only 850meters away from the famous Blue Mosque, Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque, complimentary scheduled Blue Mosque Special Transfers are available for your convenience. To make room reservations, please visit our website at

Tel : 03 – 5512 2200 extension 2304
Fax : 03 – 5512 2233
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