The Launch of Starhill Culinary Studio


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At recent, Kuala Lumpur’s most inspiring culinary experience arrived into Bukit Bintang with the launch of Starhill Culinary Studio. Located on Starhill Gallery’s Muse floor where the event was held, the professinal and sleek environment was revealed where a variety of classes will be conducted right in the heart of the city.

starhill culinary studio 2
Jeremiah Tan, Director of Starhill Culinary Studio

Speaking at the launch, Jeremiah Tan, Director of Starhill Culinary Studio and Autodome Sdn. Bhd., said ” An insoiring gourmet experience is what epicureans will discover when they attend Starhill Culinary Studio’s classes. In-house and external experts will lend their expertise on how to enrich their daily lives and will get creative juices flowing with fun, engaging classes.”

starhill culinary studio 3
The Team from Starhill Culinary Studio

WIth 12,000sq feet dedicated to providingfinesse and flair, Starhill Culinary Studio is a unque and beautiful designed haven that will deliver rewarding experiences, teach new skills and different cooking techniques, The sophisticated cooking studio offers a range of different classes that can be conducted with family or friends suitable for any occasions, work colleagues for team bonding activities or bespoke experiences.

starhill culinary studio 8
Playing with Prawns at Wai’s Kitchen

The relaxed and inspiring environment is made up of comtemporary and state of the arttudios designed to deliver an unforgettabe experience. Wai’s Kitchen was my first stop where Master Chef Wai showcased a simple, easy to make and delicious deep fried coated prawns laced with homemade mayonnaise sauce. Every pair of eyes that session was gazing at the prawns and also the gorgeous looking Chef Wai. Everyone at that station got overly excited and noticed some was ey- fighting to get a spot to put their hands into work. As for me I was linging for a taste, yes it was salivating inspiring.

starhill culinary studio 4
Cooking with Master Chef Wai

Here at Wai’s Kitchen, it will chowcase different cooking methods with live demostrations and interactive classes, teaching how to create amazing dishes from recipes that are usually kept close to a master chef’s chest.

starhill culinary studio 5
Deep Fried Coated Prawn

starhill culinary studio 6
Dato’ Yeoh Soo Min Showing Her Kichen Skills

“Starhill Culinary Syudio provides a culinary experience like no other.” Chef Wai, Executive Chef at Starhill Culinary Studio, said as he spoke about what makes Starhill Culinary Studio so unique. “We use the freshest of ingredients to create magic in each class where an insight into a whole world of different cuisines iis delivered in one place. Starhill Culinary Studio goes beyond making dishes, it is also an environment that creates friendship.”

starhill culinary studio 7
Deep Fried Coated Prawn Laced with Homemade Mayonnaise on a Edible Spoon

starhill culinary studio 9
Hot Kichen in Action with a Beef Wrap

starhill culinary studio 10
Hot Kitchen Showcasing the Making of Puff with the Guests

starhill culinary studio 11
Seductive Piping Hot Dim Sum

starhill culinary studio 12
Discovering the Art of Making Dim Sum with Dato’ Yeoh Soo Min

starhill culinary studio 13
Chef Putting Desserts into a Good Perspective

As on the other end of the floor, we were introduced to the two faboulous section, the Pastry Studio and Baking Studio. Here we were exposed to the art of chocolate making, hand kneading bread, delicate pastries and precision of dessert making. I was very impressed. The deco itself was nice and very laid back.

starhill culinary studio 14

starhill culinary studio 15
Delicious Dessert Creation

starhill culinary studio 16
Wine Studio

As next to Wai’s Kitchen I just can’t help of not noticing the grand setting of a Dining Studio, lovely and very elegantly style. As we walk slightly ahead came the Wine Studio that encased the most popular wine and has a great collection of vintage wine too. So lovely, defintelywill excite someone like myself who loves wine.

starhill culinary studio 17
Wai’s Dining Room

After such a fabulous tour of the culinary studio, I truly felt like cooking from my own home. Wanting to leave was not that easy, so will definitely taste the dish out before making my way home for sure . . . . . . . Sidney Kan loves it.


  • May 28, 2013 - 8:39 pm | Permalink

    definitely gonna be a whole new culinary experience for cooking enthusiasts!
    Ken´s last blog post ..Home-cooked Nyonya Food by Pearly Kee

  • May 28, 2013 - 11:00 pm | Permalink

    looks like a good place for food lover who not just love to eat!

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