My New Look with Crizal Forte UV Essilor Lenses


Two months back I was introduced to Essilor’s Crizal Forte UV lenses and at that moment it had caught right to my attention. It is awesome to know what you are using especially for viewing. As usual I don’t bother much on what I buy especially the eyewear lenses and the only area that I wil take notice would be the frame brand or maker. After such new know how knowledge that I had picked up on that day, I decided to have a new look using Crizal Forte UV lenses.


It is about time to get new pair of specs as I had been carrying mine for nearly three years. I had two, one with a black wooden frame and the other was a leopard print frame. As for the lenses I was not to sure what presciption I had on them. This time I definitely know what I want, the lenses must have UV light protection, improved scratch resistance and light.


It was at Optical 88 Mid Valley I managed to choose two TITUS frames that I adored, one was a black plastice frame and the other was a copper metal frame. I always keep two pairs as one I will wear them at home and the other while I am working. Now I instructed to the opticianist that the lenses must have high UV protection and scratch resistance. :) With a smile I whispered to the him, “Please get me Crizal Fort UV!” He returned with a smile too. I presumed he knows what I want best.


After a week I came back to collect my eyewear and they were fabulous. I do look different now . . . . . .. . . more handsome and not sure about being sexy, lol! Wearing the new ones, I had a better clearer vision. Just love them.


Next time when you are getting your new eyewear do make sure you know what prescribe lenses you are getting. Like myself I now prefer using Crizal Forte UV by Essilor. :) Just awesome as I can see well and well protected !

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