GIVEAWAY A Pair of The Crizal Forte UV Lens and Frame from Essilor


During my visit to Essilor I learned a lot about the Crizal ForteUV lenses. Crizal Forte UV is the first clear lens on the market to maximise your eyes protection against dangerous UV aggressions from the front and back surface of the lens, while ensuring the best enduring clarity of vision. It protects the eyes from UV rays reflected off the back surface of the lens and also protects against the fi ve enemies of clear vision – Glare, Scracthes, Smudges, Dust and Water.

Everyday Protection Is Essential

UV Light is a Major Hazard to the Eye. UV light has a direct and cumulative effect on eye health, accelerating eye ageing and the appearance of cataracts. 20 million cataract surgeries are performed every year.

UV Rays Assault The Eyes 365 Days a Year. Everyone knows that UV rays are extremely harmful on sunny days, yet they reach our eyes 365 days a year, even in cloudy weather. We get more than 40% of UV exposure when we are not in full sunlight.

Existing AR Lenses. The main exposure comes from the side


Introducing E-SPFThe new index measuring the real UV protection given by a lens.
The wearer is 25 times better protected than without any lenses (E-SPF excludes direct eye exposure 25 from around the lenses).

E-SPF= 25 for all Crizal Forte UV and Optifog with Crizal UV, except with Essilor Orma® E-SPF=10.

Existing “100% UV Protection” only integrates UV cut in Transmission yet UV danger comes from everywhere
•Essilor worked with independent 3rd-party(1) to develop a relevant protection index, based on a series of experimental measurements, taking into account UV light coming from all directions.
•Like the SPF index quoted on skin care products, the Eye-Sun Protection Factor is a ratiobetween eye exposure with and without protection

This global protection factor integrates:
– UV passing through the front surface of the lens and UV reflected by the back surface. (a)

– Corneal sensitivity to UV and solar spectral irradiance(2) as UVA and UVB do not represent the same danger for the eye.

– Different positions of the sun, as in real life. (b) & (c)
– Representative frame and lens parameters(3).
For more information please visit the website

NOW the good news always keep to last !
Thank you to Essilor & Crizal ForteUV, now I am able to giveaway a new spec with frames and lens to ONE lucky reader !

It is rather simple, all you have to do is to take a photo holding a signage indicating why you want to be the winner of a Crizal Forte UV lens and frame from Essilor.!

Once you got the perfect photo taken, email it together with your name and contact number to me at The BEST photo will be the winner. The closing date will be noon 10th June 2013.

Have fun abd be the winner . . . . SIdney Kan

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    Holding a sign? What kind of sign?? And the contest closing date is already over? You mean June right? =D
    Tian Chad´s last blog post ..Astro On-The-Go Live Explorer Blogger Adventure @ Sunway Pyramid #AstroOTGExplorer

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