FRESCA The Gardens Mid Valley

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Was at Fresca recently meeting up with friends over long chat as we had not meet for ages due to work. It was a nice weekeday evening that we meet over a few glasses of cocktails like magarita. We started with something like which was my favourite, tacos alambre. Just love their fluffy tacos filled with beef topping.


A plate of Nachos Grande was paraded in front of my naked eye without any hesistation. We the plate itself consists of tortilla chips layering with refried beans, Monterey Jack Cheese, Ground Beef, Jalapeno Chillies, Guacamole and Sour Cream which was just addictive as usual here at Fresca.

Fresca 5

Fresca Chicken Drumettes was just taste fabulously, intense with flavour while the sauce just felt awesome. I have a couple myself without any difficulties.

fresca 3

The Polla a la Parilla was delicious, just love thos succulent and well marinate chicken that came with rice. Definitely a very fulfilling dish for the night after a few light intakes.

Fresca 4

We shared the dessert, the apple enchiladas that came with a scoop of ice-cream. Just love the filling, caramelised apple at got to my heart as I am a apple lover. It was a great night our catching with friends over a meal at Fresca after a short window shopping at The Gardens Mid Valley.

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