A Visit to Essilor Academy Malaysia

Essilor Academy Malaysia

After my posting about my new purchased specs for my new look, Essilor invited me for a tour of their Essilor Academy at Segambut, KL. It was definitely a very educational session. Here I got to see how Essilor shaped their lenses.

Raw to Finished Lenses

During the tour, we were introduced to to their lenses frrom plastic blanks to finished cut lenses according to the shape of the frames. Most of the plastic tablets are make of polycarbonate.

Essilor 1
Impact Testing

At the academy we tried out the impact test whereby some plastic lenses may not able to withstand the high impact coming from the plunger and then to crack and break. While Essilor’s plastic lenses were able to withstand high impact. It was really interesting to know what I am wearing. :)

Cleaning Process

All the blamks will go through the grinding process to the right thickness and curvuture and followed with a cleaning process.

Cutting Process

Once the lenses are grinded to the desired pattern then they are shaped to fit the frames. It was truly an exciting tour as now I know how my plastic lenses are manufactured. Here I would like to express my thank to Essilor Academy for the eye opening tour on how presciption plastic lenses are made . . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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