The Black Market Kampong Pandan

Black Market 9

Visited this newly opened outlet with my foodie buddy called The Black Market locate right at the end corner of Jalan Tun Razak heading towards Kampong Pandan. Looked rather interesting as some of the deco is flushed with metal looked just like a warehouse especially when you are greeted by am huge industrial auto-sliding door before entering the dining hall.
The wall of the dining room was painted black while black leather seats dominated the whole space. Got to note here, during the night this place do have a fabulous cosy atmosphere, can be very romantic.

black Market 4

We tried out a few entrement for example the Hokkigai Yuzu Salad which was down to earth: simple, light and tasty. Tosta de Jamon was plated nicely on the table and I got to say I just adored this deep colour of the dry cure ham. Finely sliced and carefully layered over a crisp toast. We shared as I wanted to deep into trying more goodies installed for us that evening.

Black Market 7

Moving to the black truffle pate on toast was just a great move. Having sliced egg layered over tobiko and the pate can be striking post. Here I wished they would have jammed the black truffle pate over the toast by giving it such an attractive piece of a food art and styling. Overall it a nice light beginnner.

Black Market 5

black market

The main came with no disappointment, it was not a long wait. Standing glamorously was this Big “S” Pork Ribs that came coated with Korean BBQ sauce. I lke the coated sauce, not overly drench and not too sweet. Mine was sizeable to bite into.

black market 2

The look on the next dish the jamon pizza was very pleasing indeed, deep red dry cured ham flushed over patches of green making it wanting to eat. Nice pizza base that came with a good base sauce.

black market 3

Forking into the five star truffle egg linguine was really irresistble, I totally smeared the parmesan cheese all over the table. My plate came warm and the pasta was creamily coated with white sauce and flushed over a mess of mashed up omellete. I like the taste, very inviting dish.

Black Market 8

The scallop pasta had an exciting taste to it. It had a sourness taste in it due to the present of vinaigrette and slightly heated chilli. I like the squid ink pasta being put into play and make the whole dish looked rather mysteriously exciting.

Black Market 6

The dessert came hurriedly was the chocolate lava cake. It was not my favourite but it tasted good and ccame warm. nice.

black market 1

One of my top favourite here at Black Market would be defintely their red velvet cake. Just love every layer of their densed and moist chocolate sponge layered over tasty cheese frosting. . . . . as always the best keep for the last, Sidney Kan

No. 16, Jalan Kampung Pandan
Kuala Lumpur

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