Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang HotPot Kampung Baru Sungai Buluh

XLW Hot Pot 13
Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang HotPot Kampung Baru Sungai Buluh

Last weekend I had been dining continously around this area at Kampung Baru Sungai Buluh and one of them is at this fabulous hotpot restaurant by the name Xiao Lao Wang. It is a newly opened restaurant locating the previous fame LYJ Restaurant whom had moved to another nearby new shoplot. Got to say I truly like their concept of presenting another way of serving hotpot.

XLW Hot Pot 14

XLW Hot Pot 15
Salmon Fish Head in Tomato Based Soup

There are many different types of hotpot offerings in town such as pumpkin soup, porridge, tom yam soup, curry soup, Szechuan peppercon soup, pork bone soup, kimchi soup base but at Xiao Lao Wang’s we were served with salmon fish head tomato soup and pork bone, stomach and chicken soup. I got to admit that I truly fancy the idea of having a salmon fish head soup, something new but I know it will never go wrong especially when comes to fish broth. Tasty and can be addictive. When our hotpot came, it was delighted to see two half of the deep fried salmon fish head floating freely waiting to be indulged. On that night we had a small size pork bone, stomach and chicken soup hotpot and a medium size salmon fish head soup hotpot.

XLW Hot Pot 16
Homemade Meat Balls

I just love the extensiveness of the menu ranging from fresh sliced meat to meatballs and a variety of fresh vegetables to order from. By the way the concept at Xiao Lao Wang is to order by plates. Ready to served was their pork tenderloin slice, pork neck slice, pork belly slice, beef sirloin slice, lamb slice, kampong chicken, bacon, smoked duck and surprisingly the luncheon meat too make a stunning appeareance on the menu.

XLW Hot Pot 20
Sotong Pork Balls

While ordering I was briefly informed that most of their meatballs are homemade directly from their centre kitchen as to mantained the freshness of the food served at the restaurant. I just love them all especially the beef balls, pork tendon and the squid “sotong” ball. Great tenderness and came with such a fabulous biting texture. I always believe freshness is the best.

XLW Hot Pot 19
Celery Pork Balls

XLW Hot Pot 18
Pork Tendon Balls

XLW Hot Pot 17
Beef Balls

XLW Hot Pot 11
The Thrill of Cook Yourself

XLW Hot Pot 21
A Fiesta of Sauces

Another excitement that I found here at Xiao Lao Wang is their condiment of sauces. There were a major variety to choose form and even they have created a few list of sauce mistures where diners can play with. Interestinf palate of mix sauces. As individual sauces on display were chilli, sesame, fermented beancurd, premium soy, dark vinegar, shallot oil, bird eye chilli, coriander leafs, cut spring onion. minced garlic, minced ginger, delicious blended mushroom and a few more that I have lost count. Mix and match the sauce can be so exciting, I guess every as every mix is a winner by itself. Fabulous sauce. to meet up with.

XLW Hot Pot 26
Sesame Sauce

XLW Hot Pot 25
Fermented Red Beancurd Sauce “Foo Yee”

XLW Hot Pot 24
XLW Dancing Chilli Sauce

XLW Hot Pot 22
XLW Special Mushroom Sauce

XLW Hot Pot 23
XLW Minced Garlic

XLW Hot Pot 12
My Own Mixed of Sauces

XLW Hot Pot 10
Getting The Minced Chicken into The Hot Pot

Not only we had the meatballs, we also discovered kampung chicken, sliced smoke duck, bacon, lotus root and white radish had found it’s way into both of the hotpot. Everything that soaked into the hotpot do taste fabulous, and the sop by this time it was sweet and tasty. My neightbour seated quietly also joined in and gave a hand in scooping the mince chicken from the bamboo holder into the hotpot. It was freaking terrific.

XLW Hot Pot 9
Fried Beancurd with Fish Paste

XLW Hot Pot 8
Fried Beancurd Roll

XLW Hot Pot 7
Fresh Big Head “River ” Prawns

XLW Hot Pot 6
Japanese “Tang Hoon” Mungbean Noodle

XLW Hot Pot 4

Coming to last we had the plates of seafood marching in, the huge sizeable river prawn, scallop while being accompanied by Japanese mingbean noodle, fried beancurd laced with fish paste and fried beancure roll. It was just awesome even looking at it. The soup by now is totally tasty and delicious intensed with bursting flavours. At the end of the hotpot session we soaked some crispy rice square into the soup for more intensity, it was truly a mouth experiencing. It came soupy and slightly crip and fragrant too, nice biting texture.

XLW Hot Pot 5

XLW Hot Pot 3
Crispy Rice Square

XLW Hot Pot
Double Liver and Smoked Duck Claypot Rice

Now as I am eating. . . . I jwas caught speechless as this outlet Xiao Lao Wang served my favourite claypot toppings, pig liver, Chinese liver sausage, Chinese pork sauce and smoke duck. Xaio Lao Wang make the claypot rally excitingly tasty, just the way I would like them to be, both calypot variation is absolutely breath takingly good and left me wanting more.

XLW Hot Pot 1
Twin Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice

XLW Hot Pot 2
A TIGER Snow Beer

As to the end of our meal we washed it out with a nice relaxing glass of Tiger snow beer and a slice of pavlova made by Sunny Yaw. We left the premise with such a Sunday joy and a full tummy that night . . . . . . Sidney Kan

Restaurant Xiao Lao Wang HotPot
PT 11, Jalan Perkhidmatan,
Kg Baru,
47000 Sungai Buloh

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