New Individual Set Meal Paradise Inn Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Individual Hot Steaming Basket Set Meal – Steamed Minced Pork Patty with Salted Fish

It had been for a while I have not been into this restaurant but I was fortunately to find my way into it’s dining area one evening just recently. I just love some of the dishes available here that truly understand what a client needs, something I had before but once lost over the years. Yes dishes that my mom and dad used to cook in their petite kitchen.Simple yet nostalgic dishes like steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk truly grasped my heart winning over and over. I can easily have it with two or even three bowls of white rice, at least wo of them might just be eaten with it’s salty yet fishy relinguished sauce. Therefore I guess do not need to say much about this salted fish with minced pork dish, you ust need to try it yourself. I bet you will be like me.

Paradise Inn Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid is a renowned for its concept of integrating the best of a restaurant, teahouse and dessert house all under one roof. The restaurant itself offers a sumptuous menu laden with loads of comfort Chinese classic dishes. Nutritious double-boiled soups are their specialty and it is a restaurant much sought after for a journey down childhood flavors with warmth and healthy benefits.

Individual Hot Stone Bowl Set Meal – Taiwanese Style Stewed Chicken in Supreme Soy Sauce

Based from requests from guests, Paradise Inn has redefined their menu to incorporate new individual set meals to cater to those who dines individually or simply prefers to order their own choice of dishes. The concept is also suitable to the younger generation who loves to hang out with friends and enjoy a home style meal with various choices of dishes. Not only does one enjoy their own choice of dishes, every set meal comes with Paradise Inn’s signature double-boiled soup of the day together with a selection of vegetable and side dishes. The new individual set menu is an addition to their current menu filled with dishes meant for sharing.

Choices are plenty with a staggering list of over 20 dishes from rice to noodles in the new set individual menu! We sampled some New Individual Set Meals and some favorite classics that evening. The new set individual menu comprises of four selections of Hot Steaming Basket, Chargrilled, Mini Wok and Hot Stone Bowl.

Individual Hot Stone Bowl Set Meal – Taiwanese Style Stewed Chicken in Supreme Soy Sauce was just up to it’s highly acclaimed standard. I just loved how the dish was glazed with caramelised dark supreme soy with hinted of chilli and sweet basil. While the hot stone bowl kept the dish warmed and tasty.Defintely an excellent set that came with beancurd, sem-hardboiled egg and stuffed lotus roots.

Individual Chargrilled Set Meal – Seafood with Spicy Homemade Sauce

Looking over my neighbour who was so into his food caught my attention. He was having his Individual Chargrilled Set Meal – Seafood with Spicy Homemade Sauce and gave me a positive now of what he was enjoying. He just gave me a sweet and satisfying smile. Looks good to me too. Tasted good I thought as he shared only a prawn with me and kept the rest himself.

Individual Hot Stone Bowl Set Meal – Stir-Fried Beef Slices with Spring Onion

I just love any wok fried dishes that contained sliced cut spring onions especially those thicker ones, it truly filled with bursting aroma and infused with great sharpness of sweetness. Gosh this one came with sliced beef, it went tickled my taste buds immediately. The desire of wanting to fork into it did not even take a second, it was in my mouth munching away with greatness. It was truly funny how some food can just work you away with such happiness. I like just it was !

Individual Mini Wok Set Meals – Stir-Fried Udon with Black Pepper Sauce & Seafood

Well my blogger friend Karen ordered this, Individual Mini Wok Set Meals – Stir-Fried Udon with Black Pepper Sauce & Seafood, who was seat just acrosss the table. Being a foodie, I just had to taste it. Marching over with my chopstick, we happyily merging ourselves with joy. Taste was not too bad and I like the innovative way of setting a whole raw egg sitting in the centre of the noodle. It does smoothen the taste of the noodle, slightly creamy too.

Individual Chargrilled Set Meal – Crispy Fermented Pork Ribs

Get myself a beer, I told myself if I am going to dive into their Individual Chargrilled Set Meal – Crispy Fermented Pork Ribs. I like the strong pungent aroma and taste of the fermented beancurd that can easily find it’s way into my system. It was done crisp and I can just every slice by itself and sipping of beer.

Individual Mini Wok Set Meals – Stir-Fried Prawn Cutlets with Scrambled Egg in Tomato Sauce

Oh this next dish was something I always have at my aunt’s place when I was kid, Individual Mini Wok Set Meals – Stir-Fried Prawn Cutlets with Scrambled Egg in Tomato Sauce minus the prawn and yet with loads of baked beans. It tasted really nice, just spotted on. Definitely went well with a couple bowl of rice.

Accompanied side dishes: beancurd, semi hard boiled egg and stuffed lotus root

Ala Carte Orders

Stewed Pork Belly

As one could not resist of their stewed pork belly, we had a large plate to add on the night’s festive. Got to confess as it was one of the BEST dish in town and having them with Chinese buns just adds up the total equation for the night. I was truly a fabulous night !

Stewed Pork Belly with Lotus Bun

I will definitely be back for more . . . . . Sidney Kan

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    Yum~ the dishes looked appetizing and promising enough :)

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