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Having to be in Bangkok is like being in a city of heaven. We were awesomely put up for 3days-2nights at a fabulous and very comfortable Park Plaza Bangkok Soi 18 at Sukhumvit Soi 18. Having such a comfort stay we decided to explore the local and authentic refined cuisine and we picked Issaya Siamese Club located at Chuaphloeng Road.

Issaya Siamese Club

Taking a cab from the hotel was simple thing to do but do not forget to have a reservation first in advance with the restaurant. We arrived with great joy upon seeing a fabulous place.

Issaya 1

ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB is definitely caught my attention located on a revamped and charming old two story mansion set in a lush garden, with blended of vintage style and vibrant colors. The main person behind such creative taste is the well known celebrity Chef Ian Kittichai. When I read about Chef Ian Kittichai’s ISSAYA I knew it will be a fabulous night for me. Stop, re-phrases, how one can resist one’s amazing reinterpretations of traditional Thai cuisine, just the way Chef Ian Kittichai does it. I like creativeness, I like daring chefs, I love great interpretation but I hate being a critic. I got all this at ISSAYA, just love having local classic mad with inventive twists and using the best ingredients. By the way this man has his own organic garden to spice up his dishes. Chef Ian Kittichai is known for his decadently sticky and sweet chlli glazed baby back ribs (kradok moo ob) that earned him his fame. So what will stop one like myself from having a great treat and a fabulous night.


Just love the stylish deco and vibrant colour enclosed the dining room. Upon looking throught the menu, we decided to try out chef’s ISSAYA set menu that consist of three staters, four mains and a dessert. While waiting for our meal to grace the table, we were surprisely served with a set amuse bouche consist of Khanom Bueng, Yam Makua and Mieng Tuna. Excited indeed.

Issaya Khanom Bueng

My first attempt was forking into the Khanom Beung a crispy petite pancakes made from rice flour filled with coconut cream, followed by shredded coconut and strips of fried eggs or egg yolks, or chopped scallions. Tasty and surprising delicate.

Issaya Yam Makua

Grilled aurbugine carpeted over with two sizeable battered fried chicken if I am correct tasted refreshingly crisp and just had a terrific biting flavour. Very good to start of the meal. Definitely a mouth teaser, :)

Mieng Tuna

I had a petite stared at my Mieng Tuna that was my finishing amuse bouche. I thought I was on a nyonya treat when I saw the PiTee casing but I was not exactly correct. Truly the petite casing was put into play but the fillings was rather Thai. There were small cubic cuts of tuna, ginger, mango, shallot, peanuts, mint leaves and glazed over with tamarind sauce. It was just fabulous, yes a kick-ass one bite of heaven. :)

Issaya ribs

When the table was cleared then came the starters and Kradook Moo Aob Sauce took the stand. We were truly satisfying even just to watch it parading in front of us sitting on a small clay charcoal burner. There sitting two sizeable spiced rubbed baby back pork rib glazed with Issaya’s chilli paste. The meat was really tender and moist while the infused spiced flavour from the paste hotted it out terrificly. I felt like vocaling the tune of the Amazing Grace! Astonishing good.

Yum Hua Plee

Now at that moment our mind went blank looking at this carefully plated Yum Hua Plee, well we were clueless on whati t was until we read through the menu again. It was a dish that consist of banana blossom and heart palm salad topped with roasted peanuts and crispy shallot laced with chilli jam. It was nice in taste but I had a slightly different taste palate.

Yum Hua

I was excited forking into the Yum Hua, a thin sliced grilled beef with fresh herbs topped over fresh organic vegetables and drizzled with bird eye chilli vinaigrette as it was really refeshing and tasty. I love simple vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumber were put into use. Nice and simple.


Once we finished our starters, the gentle waitress brought us their raspberry granita for cleaning our palate so we can move to our mains. Chill and sweet.

Issaya Chiicken

For our main to share with the two of us, we had Sankaburee chicken rubbed with Issaya spice charcoal grilled and served over flamed Mekong whisky. It was truly exciting to watch and the chicken tasted very flavourful with spice and moist in texture. The burned whisky just enhanced the whole dish just naturally.


The boneless lamb shank in Mussamun curry was creamily done and had a great pungent flavour and just worked so well with my taste buds. The sauce just went well with the accompanied multigrains.


The next main was the sizeable tiger prawns pan fried with house blended pepper and holy basil sauce. Fragrant dish that makes me wanting more.


Our multigrains from Chiangmai was served warm on a stone bowl with garlic and mushroom scented oil. It was nice as it had a great nutty taste and rich texture. It too jived well with the rest of the dishes.


As for the dessert we had the best scented panna cotta where jasmine came to play, fragrantly nice and smoothly soft silky texture. The pairing jasmine rice ice cream took it’s glory, nice and not overly sweet. Adoreable dessert.


We finished off our meal with a glass of whisky courtesy of the restaurant. Overall it was a fabulous experience and truly filled with greatness of taste and flavours, fabulous attempt by the chef and his team to make my night something to remember . . . . . . . . Sidney Kan

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