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Swez Brasserie is currently showcasing their Thai Food promotion tastefully named ‘A Taste of Thai’ from 15th – 30th April 2013. Thailand is not only dubbed as the ‘land of smiles’, but also as the ‘Land of Gourmet Cuisines’. Thai food, a perennial favorite amongst Malaysians is traditionally served with steamed rice and a selection of the famous Tom yam Soup, marinated meat and fresh seafood. Thailand truly expresses itself through its culture, flavor and attitude towards life!


‘A Taste of Thai’ will introduce authentic and distinct home cooked dishes of Madam Jamlong Ngoobutton from Lopburi,Thailand. This humble housewife and a mother of two have always had a passion for cooking since she was young. She picked up the trick of the trades from her mother who owned a small stall in the market of Thailand selling home cooked rice and noodle dishes. Since then, she developed her love for cooking traditional Thai dishes and now she has more than 50 family recipes which she takes pride in.

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Madam Jamlong left Thailand 23 years ago to be married to a local, Mr Vijay and now calls Malaysia home. She believes that good food should not be rushed and one has to care for the people who are eating your cooking for it to taste good as good food is prepared with love and care.

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This is why all her dishes are made from scratch and no commercialized products like Tom Yam paste and packed coconut milk is allowed in her kitchen.

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The same love and care will be channeled through her cooking here at the Swez Brasserie which will be sure to warm your hearts and appease your taste buds. True Thai food enthusiast will be able to taste the difference in Madam Jamloong’s authentic dishes as even the humble white rice is steamed a traditional bamboo steamer from Thailand and not the conventional rice cooker.

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Begin your feast with our spicy mouth-watering Tom Yam soup, our selection of Thai Salad, Otak-otak, Phad Prik Seafood and the famous Deep-fried Pandan Chicken as a perfect complement to your Thai variety, as Madam Jamlong is set to tantalize your taste buds with her concoction of specially blended herbs and spices.

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Complete your meal with the famous Pandan Jelly with Coconut Milk, Sweet Mango with Sticky Rice, Steamed Yam Cake with Palm Sugar and more. Guests will not be disappointed with the sumptuous buffet spread.

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The General Manager, Ms Jane Suppiah said “A Taste of Thai is planned in conjunction with the Songkran festival in Thailand. This is a step towards hosting special presentation of ASEAN cuisines with a view to showcase to our foreign guest and to the general public on the cuisine varieties and cultures brought to them directly by the people of neighbouring lands. This year the concept is very different as we showcase authentic home cooked food which is comfort food but of the highest quality. Who can deny, Mom’s cooking is always the best”.

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She also added “We will also be having the Thai food prepared for Secretaries’ Day which we will be celebrating on 26th April with special live band performance, goodie bags and attractive lucky draw prices are up for grabs”.

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‘A Taste of Thai’ buffet is available daily for lunch from 12.00pm – 2.30pm at RM68++ per adult and RM36++ for children. For further information, please call 03-7665 1111 ext 183 or log on to www.eastin.com or email us at info.pj@eastin.com.

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