Cloudy Bay Cantaloupe

If you are into the decadent qualities of duck, now you can travel across KL and join a duck and wine trail just like I did. My first stop was at Cantaloupe at 24th floor, Troika. A lovely setting, great deco and awesome surrounded view. That afternoon I was surrounded by two beautiful people Eddie the owner and Jessie from Cloudy Bay Malaysia. It was a lovely not too warm afternoon and I managed to take a walk along the corridors of the premises. I was amazed over their tall ceiling and eye comfort drapes of white cloth to beautify the dinning room.

Cloudy Bay Cantaloupe 1
Cantaloupe at Troika, for a Orange and Juniper marinated Duck Breast, Smoked Duck Quinoa, Stewed Brussels Sprouts, Spiced Cranberry Sauce

We were rather chatty amount ourselves, I guessed the bottles does the job so well. Throwing laughters and strong voices can be heard along every corner, can’t believe we did that. Believe e it was a fabulous start, was there for at least 4-6 hours. I lost my counting ability. My job was to sip and taste. I know, it is fun. I just love the red liquid travelled over from Marlborough, New Zealand, The Cloudy Bay Pinot Noir 2011. The scentl of floral can be easily detected over my drink and what’s more the present of berries was so irresistable. Delicious. I know I was lucky as I got the bottle staring at me the whole afternoon.

cloudy Bay Cantaloupe 2

My plate of Orange and Juniper marinated Duck Breast mae the entrance with such a style, such an eye opening show. Smiles just sipped in and constant glasses knocking can nake it’s way too. I love the colour of the duck, neatly pan seared and precisely sliced. Great biting texture and complemented well with my glass of Pinot Noir. How can one like myself resist such bursting flavout running through my mouth, I tucked in happily enjoying my duck. Excellent.

Cloudy Bay Cantaloupe 3

Coudy Bay ABC 1
ACME Bar & Coffee, with a Pulled Duck Open-faced sandwich with orange BBQ sauce on grilled bread & green salad

We moved to the ground floor of Troika and we invaded ACME Bar & Coffee just like a speed of lighting. Febulous night setting, my first time here during evening. Was here with the famous food writer Alice Yong for afternoon tea, dishing into their lovely cakes. I was in great luck as I got to meet up with the owner Andrew himself together with Jessie,

Cloudy Bay ABC

At ACME, Pulled Duck Open-faced sandwich with orange BBQ sauce on grilled bread & green salad was on the duck trail menu. Forking into was really exciting, having to taste it was just absolutely fabulous. I loved it. The crisp of the duck did flow through while the sweet hinted orange sauce just marvellous and blended well with my Pinot Noir. Great creation and pairing. I defintely want to own them both. Possible?

Cloudy Bay Neo 1
NEO Tamarind, for the pan roasted duck served with chocolate sauce & red cabbage puree.

We left to NEO Tamarind at about closely to ten, footing our way carefully. Not far, lucky us. Desperately for another glass, itwas the warm weather that night. We oredered and not long came my palate of carefully pan seared duck breast that was split into different accompanied condimen: tamarind, mash, nuts, blueberry and brownie while ate with chocolate sauce. It was really exciting to see and wanting to taste it just blew my ind away, daring and bold. Each tasty really beautifully and placed itdelf vey well with my Pinot Noir. Each created a very different flavours for itself and Pinot Noir just works so well and blended in so well. I like it, makes my palate excited.

Cloudy Bay Neo

I truly had a fabulous time of having three dinners in a night, I never regret sipping every drop of my Pinot Noir 2011. Cloudy Bay truly makes my day beautiful and fun eating . . . . . . . . Sidney Kan
To mark the launch of New Zealand’s Cloudy Bar Pinot Noir 2011, ten restaurants have created a duck dish each to pair with the medium-bodied berried wine. You’ll get a trail map at the first restaurant and a stamp at each; four stamps entitle you to a free glass of Pinot Noir. The restaurants participating in the trail are:

Acme Bar & Coffee (03 2162 2288/
Circus (03 2141 6151/
Neo Tamarind (03 2148 3700)
Tamarind Hill (03 2148 3200/
Cantaloupe (03 2162 0886/
Soul Society (03 20941789/2789 WIP and SOULed Out
Ribs by Vintry (03 2096 1645/
Las Carretas-Subang Jaya (
The Royal Flush (03 7831 1339)
Ril’s Bangsar (016 315 7195/

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