Somcit Thai Restaurant Bandar Mahkota Cheras


Yes I had been eating around which is fun and this time dated my friends who stayed rather away from my end, Sungai Long, Cheras. Yup it was not a bad ride over the weekend as traffic is much quieter. We sky over to the next neighbourhood Bandar Mahkota Cheras to try out this well known Thai restaurant by the name of Somcit.

somcit 3

The menu was extensive and noted there were some authentic Thai dishes to make it;s full list. As usual we ordered screwpine ‘pandan” flavoured ice water, definitely will kill any thirst. There were only three of us, we ordered theri clear tom yam soup, pork knuckle, crispy pork belly and wok fried paku.


Somcit clear tom yum soup is definitely a hit, the sensation of refreshing sourness just run through my whole body system.It was deliciously tangy, even the seafood filler was sea-fresh nideed. So yummi-licious ! Must order if you dine in.



Moving to the mains, the deep fried pork knuckle graced the table. I was crisp to my liking as it was was laced with some fats. I like them not overly lean. Cooking technique was well executed but the knuckle itself was not too pungent or flavourful. I felt it was slightly lacked of spiced. One thing I could observed a slight different compared to any Chinese restaurant, here they pulled the meat for you, nice. The accompanied sauce was good, added taste to the dish itself.

Somcit 6

This one is truly adoreable as this is the first time this sliced pork belly crispy fried. Chef here enhance the whole dish with dried chilli to give it a kick. Nice and simple, taste terrific. I like it.


The paku had a strong flavour with jive well to my taste, anything with sambal goes well with me. As for paku the wild vegetable, I prefer them young and fresh as they can be very crunch and tasty.

Somcit 1

somcit 2

Definitely I will be back for more discovery of Chef’s dishes as he told us he can dish up some fabulous authentic Thai dishes for us . . .. . . . . . . . I will be back,Sidney Kan

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