Essilor’s Crizal Forte UV and Eye-Sun Protectio Factor Launch


At recent I attended the launch of Essilor’s Crizal Forte UV and Eye-Sun Protectio Factor at Optical 88 Mid Valley Shopping Mall. It was truly an educational event for me as I usually don’t bother much about the eyeglass lens that I purchase for my eye frames. This time I am truly well informed and I know what my eyes need. This round, Essilor, the world leader in ophtalmic optics today announced the launch of Crizal Forte UV,a clear eyeglass lens offering the most advanced protection against damaging UV light. Exclusively it blocks UV rays entering the eye from both front and back sides while maintaing unmatching clarity of vision. Essilor also at the same time introduces a new “Eye-Sun Protection Factr” for lenses, in order to drive consumer awareness about the iportance of global UV protection for eyewear.


At the launch and preview, Ms Teresa Goh General Manager of Essilor that Essilor is the first to launch an eyeglass solution that offers eye protection and also its surronuding against UV damage. She forwarded too that Essilor also be introducing the Eye-Sun Protection Factor to build consumer awareness and understanding about eye protection.


I aso found out UV light is definitely a significant threat to healty vision. T my knoledge UV rays have a direct and irreversible impact on eye health. UV light has been proven to accelerate eye ageing, skin cancer and the apperance of cataracts. It is estimated that around 5 million people worldwide become blind from cataracts annually, of which up to 20% may be caused or aggravated by UV exposure. In addition 5 to 10% of skin cancers, also directly linked to UV rays, appear in he eye perihery. UV rays post a threat 365 days a year, even in cloudy wether as 40% of the UV eposure occurs when people are not in full sunlight.


With a recent consumer survey in Europe showed that more than teo third of cnsumers were unaware that clear lenses offered any protection against UV and over 90% recognised the utiity of a UV protection index for eyewear.

To increase consumer about efficient types of UV protection for eyes, Essilor has developed an Eye-Sun Protection Factor (E-SRF) rating system, insired by the systems used to rate skincare and sunscreen products efficiency. This evaluatone system provides an objective laboratory indexfor eyewear, certifying the global UV protection of a lens. It will help consumers understand the level of UV protection provided by their eyewear. Values vary from 2 to a maximum of 25 for clear lenses and “50+’ for tinted as well as polarized sun lenses. Regular clear lenses with UV protection have an E-SPF range from 3-5. With an E-SPF of 25**, Crizal Forte UV lenses would offer 5-8 times more UV protection for our eyes. They are the ones to reach the best level of protection in the clear lens category and outperform other lenses on the marketplace.


During the event I get to see the effect of UV light towards Crizal Forte UV glasslens and also the normal glasslens .I was also intrigged I was shown of the water drop testing. The optician at Optical 88 also showed me the dust tesing done to the glasslens. Crizal Forte UV glasskens truly perform well against reflection, smudges, scratches, dust and water drops sue to the additional SR Booster layer applied onto the glasslens. I was overwhelm by it and I decided to get a new specs for myself. I will defintely be updating about it . . . . Sidney Kan


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    Wow, this is quite something. I had no idea…Thanks.

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