An Artisan Dim Sum by Masterchef Yoon Kong Thye

Lai Ching Yuen Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur Hotel Kuala Lumpur

chef Yoon Kong Thye Grand Millennium
Masterchef Dim Sum Chef Yoon Kong Thye

It had been sometime now that I had not been updating my blog but I am sure you would have caught me on my facebook (Sidney Kan). For a simple reason I had left my professorship and had been on light travelling. The destinations that had my foot marks were Langkawi, Bangkok and Jakarta. It was not soul-searching but rather a free and easy travelling. Seeing and eating were my objectives.

Back to this post, yet another favourite food tasting of mine I had recemtly. This time I caught up with a fantastic Master Dim Sum Chef Yoon Kong Thye who is based at Lai Ching Yuen Chinese Restaurant. He is a truly an artisan on what he creates best, a fabulous outstanding Dim Sum. Here, I got to confess that I had a fabulous time when I get to meet up with him at his open designed kitchen. :)

Grand Millennium seafood dim sum
Seafood Salad

First to impress was this perfectly delicious Seafood Salad. Need not to explain, you can see clearly layer after layer of crips pastry towering to a hight with topping of fresh scallop and prawns while jungled up with thin slices of vegetables. A drizzle of lightly sweet mayaonise caused a intrigging taste and just sizzled me of wanting another bite.

Grand Millennium Siew Mai
Siew Mai

Marching in came a row of porcelain spoons that cradled with perfectly wrapped minced pork and prawns over a bright yellow wanton wrapper. Freshness was truly orchestrated here. Whats more to my surprise was the whole dumplings were each topped with a gorgeous and yet sexy scallop and was given a final touch of a bright orange tobiko. It was spectecular to see and truly enjoyed it. Just speechless. Excellent.

Grand Millennium Crystal Jade Dumpling
Crystal Jade Skin Seafood Dumpling

From wanton wraps to crystal clear wraps we enjoyed our dim sum. Chef’s crystal jade skin seafood dumplinngs were truly refreshing, the skin texture was different, much crunchier. The filling was plenty, every bite was just exciting. The prawns filling was full of freshness and had a good biting texture. Lovely.

Grand Millennium Dumpling with Sze Chuan Sauce
Sze Chuan Dumpling

My eyes were gazing at their Sze Chuan dumplings. Yup, defintely. It’s a confesssion! The refreshing redness can just explain the whole situation. I would also put it as a second split of craving. I will die for it at no time. Here here let me justified it and let your see. hahahaha I eat you watch! yes it was truly delicous, well refined and the spicy sauce just builds up the high of expectation. it keep me speechless on my seat. Defiintely recommended.

Grand Millennium Pun Thong Kau
“Pun Thong Kaw” Dumpling

“Hahahaha. . . . ” I grinned to myself. How can one able to put on a stop of indulging scallops and chunks of prawn, I can’t. I wasn’t greedy but it was too overwhelming good. Now came a bowl of double biled sup will be a giant dumpling that filled up with mince, prawns, scallop and shark fins. Oh I wanted to hide my tummy, it was slightly bulging by now. The bowl left empty from my seating. So I can only confessed it was excellent. :)

Grand Millennium Gyoza

A plate of refined crafted gyoza found it’s way to my table that evening. It came like a piece of art, like butterflies. It was nice, simple in taste and yet smell really fragrant.

Grand Millennium char siew bao
“Char Siew Bao”

A bamboo basket came filled with fluffy bao infused with sweet diced “char siew” bbq pork. Tenderly soft bao was excllent was nicely paired with it’s filling. Very likeable.

Grand Millennium Loh Mai Kai
“Loh Mai Kai” Glutinous Rice

The steamed glutinous rice was really good. I like the glunitous rice done ala dente-ly and rather not done too overly soft. Well the fillings was nice too. It is a very pleasureable dim sum. Enjoyed it very much.

Grand Millennium Shrimp Dumpling
“Har Kau” Shrimp Dumpling

I also tasted their Har Kau shrimp dumpling and I had no compliant as the prawn filling was very fresh and had a fabulous biting texture. Excellent.

Grand Millennium Preserve Vegetable Fresh Rice Noodle
Fresh Flat Rice Noodle Topped with Sweet “Mui Choy”

The fresh steamed fresh flat rice noodle was soft and tenderly crafted. The pairng with “Mi Choy” that came with hinted sweetness was just right combination. No fuss over this, just lovely to indulge.

Grand Millennium Durian Pancake
Durian Pancake

Well got to inform Lai Cheng Yuen is known of their durian pancake, soft, fluffy, tender and yumm-licious. You just have to have it if you are a durian fan. A must order !

Grand Millennium durian fritter
Durian Fritter

Then came this, another durian dessert but well played by the chef himself, he had it deep fried. Not going to explain, you just have to order ! . . . . . . . . . . if you are in Kuala Lumpur and expect a jolly good refined Dim Sum, just head to Lai Cheng Yuen as it never fails to impress me, Sidney Kan

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