The Perfect Peking Duck at TAO Chinese Cuisine The InterContinental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Peking Duck Chef Craving
Carving the Peking Duck with Chef Wong Lian You

I was truly excited with the Tao, one of the latest opening Chinese restaurant in town. Tao found it’s way at The InterContinental Hotel right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur along Jalan Ampang. The interior was filled with black shaded cabinets that filled with a variety of Chinese teapots while one corner of the bright glass wall was filled the painted sakura flowers. I got to compliment Tao for having such a beautiful showcase ceiling lightings as the main centre piece.

Peking Duck ans the rest ingredients
The Ultimate Peking Duck Package aat TAO

When we seated then came the newly printed beautiful menu for us to pick our orders. Every line and every page were truly filled with names of striking dishes. What caught my eyes that evening was their Peking Duck. The price for half a duck was RM68 and a whole duck was RM128 which came with pancakes, finely sliced spring onions and cucumber.

Peking Duck Foie Gras
Foie Gras

I got to say it was not only the Peking Duck that caught my attention but it was their Peking Duck enhancement that had work me out from my chair. What a laugh ! It was my first time having a Peking Duck with Foie Gras, Truffle and even with Eringi Mushroom. We were adventurous and decided to give a go, we were like living with pleasure. The enhancement only applies for the first 10 pieces.

Peking Duck Truffle
Black Truffle

The pricing for Foie Gras was RM60, Truffle was RM0 while the Eringi Mushroom was RM40. Well . . . .. . . .. . .. . .. . .. the first bite for me that evening was the foie gras. It was amazingly delicious. Having to bite into the tenderly soft pancake and crisp roasted duck skin with condiments and sweet Hoi Sin sauce was so just incredible good. The present of the foie gras was truly intense with flavour, texture and taste. It was so good. It was so different, it was so well enhance, it was so genius ! I just want to married it on the spot and take it home for day and night. Yes it was so good!

Peking Duck Eringi Mushroom
Eringi Mushroom

While the one that came with sliced truffle, it was totally a different experience. Where whole Peking Duck wrap smells so good. It aroma was so intense and be wildering. It was well orchastrated and yet so refined. The taste and texture of the Peking Duck goodness was cleverly maintained. Kudos the the creator, fabulous craftmanship.

Peking Duck Craving
Awesome Peking Duck In Preparation

If you prefer something lighter but with enchance of texture, pan seared sliced Eringi Mushroom will be a great pick. It was lightly seared to retained the crunchiness before being wrapped with the Peking Duck. It too had a great subtle flavour, nice and interesting. So well thought!

Peking Duck wrap with Foie gras
Peking Duck Wrapped with Foie Gras

Peking duck wrap with truffle
Peking Duck Wrapped with Sliced Truffle

Peking Duck wrap with Eringi Mushroom
Peking Duck Wrapped with Sliced Pan Seared Eringi Mushroom

After the Peking Duck carving, the duck meat can be send back to the kitchen for anothe second dishing, stir fried with black pepper sauce, fried with ginger spring onion, wok fried minced duck, fried rice or even fried noodle.

Overall it was totally a fabulous dining experience which was truly enjoyed. At Tao it had set another level of eating Peking Duck . . . .. . . . .Sidney Kan

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