Big Boys Oven 2012 TOP 10 Restaurants in Kuala Lumpur

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NO. 10 – The Grill 582 at Best Western Premier Dua Sentral

The year of 2012 was a very promising year for myself as it was the year of the discovery new eatery and also invasion on new food outlets especially i Kuala Lumpur. I guessed rating can be a difficult task but some how I managed to pack in my own Top 10 list. Stumbled into new place can enchanting act but having to walk into a new venue can also be rather tricky thing to embark on. As for my No. 10 it was such a great finding through a friend who took the energy to drag me to visit this eatery and having ended up being charmed till speechless. It is called the Grill 582 at Best Western Premier Dua Sentral and specially taken care by fabulous charming Chef Jaffery Othman. I was totally charmed by it’s wagyu, done in perfection while the ambient took my heart away. Definitely a must try !

No. 9 – Si Chuan Doi Hua Restaurant at Park Royal Hotel Kuala Lumpur

NO 9. is a well kept number on my list would be Si Chuan Doi Hua Restaurant locoted at Park Royal Hotel Kuala Lumpur that serves fantastic Si Chuan cuisine. Just loved their hot and spicy dishes which never fail to satisfy my taste buds. Their sliced beef in Si Chuan spices is a must.

No. 8 – The Urban at Istana Hotel

No. 8 yet another prosperous number would go to The Urban. Istana Hotel is tucked quietly witihin a busy the city centre and yet with lots of discover would be their fine dining restaurant named The Urban. Chef Sharusmizal and his team have the most special dedication in presenting and crafting their food. Having on culinary qualification Chef Sharusmizal mastered his French culinary from working hard in the kitchen and work up his rank through his cooking, definitely one of the most sort after chef in town. My verdict – Fabulous, Exciting and one of the BESt yet to be discovered !

No. 7 – Lai Po Heen at The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Just love walking into this restaurant as I was always grteated not only by the restaurant manager or the waitresses but by the army of chefs working in open concept kitchen. I have known the current leading chef of this restaurant since the first day of my food writing and I had seen his progress imporved day by day. Chef Ricky Thien and his culinary crusaders performs culinary miracles. I just love their modern food plating and presentation as every steps are taken with great precision. I still crave for Chef Ricky’s crispy prawn as no one in town can beat his favourite dish, done to perfection. His recent MIGF 2012 menu totally impressed me with such joy and putting his culinary mark on a higher note. His creations is defintely well sort for in Kuala Lumpur.

No. 6 – Lai Cheng Yuan at Grand Milleninum Hotel

At No. 6 is my all time favourite restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and their Dim Sum is something to die for. At the top for their creativity, taste and texture. Lai Cheng Yuan never fails to impress me, everything is kept to thier perfection. As you walk into the restaurant you will never fail to see chefs working at their open concept dim sum kitchen.Chef Yoon Kong Tnye and his dim sum team churn out fantastic dim sum and opne of the BEST in town.

No 5 – EE Chinese Cuisine at Eastin Hotel

No 5. was the year 2012 that impressed me with their creativity in presenting their ingrediients with their dim sum. At EE the most noted moment was having the abalone bao. It was such an extravagant moment and a subtle moment of surprise for me. Their weekend Dim Sum buffet was a great value buy and definitely will never fail to impress it’s guests. A must have.

N0. 4 – Senja at Saujana Hotel

No. 4 back to basic and goes Italian at Senja. I just love the present of homemade Italian dishes and Chef Filippo Guinta knows the best. I had myself recently send to his kitchen to watch him make fresh pasta by hand and also with his new pasta machine brought in from Italy. I have tasted his MIGF and Christmas menu and they were truly fabulous, His own version of Italian tiramisu was truyl impressive and one of the best authenitc ones in Kuala Lumpur.

No 3. – Mei Six Hin Restaurant at Sri Gombak

No. 3 simply delicious. Love the chef cooking and just adore creation. Chef Steven’s Sze Chuan Chicken is one of the best in town, every bite was just fabulous and succulent. His latest creation duo duck is another perfected dish, having the duck skin layered over with fish paste and finished off with almond flakes while the duck meat stir fried was tuly exciting. Got to say there are many more to mention of his other creation but I would rather have you to explore them yourself. Definitely make my day.

No 2 – Woo Ng Kee Restaurant at Taman Ehsan Kepong

No. 2 back to the Chinese oldies at Woo Ng Kee Restaurant . I just love dining here with a back to school backdropp with no frills. Love chefs creations, ultimately he never stop creating old dishes at present hour. I love his clay pot fried rice, a totally knock out my seat. His bronze pot curry fish head is to die for. Here you can order simple dishes from the past at a affordable price. A must try.

N0. 1 – Lek Lek Restaurant at Serdang

No. 1 my favourite restaurant Lek Lek that keep on churning fabulous dishes. Having to taste something I never try before from the oldies was their pig’s brain steamed egg. It was such a delicate and delighted dish, just as good as having the foie gras. Sashimi Talapia is one of their signature dish that rocked me at the spot. Their garlic escargot was truly heaven. At recently I went back to dine and ordered their Tamarind Brasied Whole Pork Knuckle. It was such a blessing, loved and it was just terrifice.

My 2012 tatsing was just lovely and fill with surprised and delight but 2013 would be a knocked out too . . . . . . .Sidney Kan

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