SHUCKED Oyster and Seafood Bar at Ben’s Publika


Oysters are definitely the fuel for love. Loving oysters is a must. I just love oysters. At recently I stumbled onto SHUCKED and oyster and seafood bar on their second day of opening at Ben’s groceries located at Publika. It was such a joy and educational too as I managed to see so many different type of oysters.

A Buffet of Fresh Seafood Especially Oysters

The oysters are flown i rom varies country such as Netherland, Austalia, New Zealand and France. This was make available by Southern Rock Seafood. It was awesome. I did my thing too. I ordered oysters. My picked was the ones from Netherland and New Zealand.

Creuses No. 3 – Oosterschelde, Netherland

I was assured just to seat at the bar stool and they will get the oyster opened for us to indulged. I liked the Netherland ones which was firm and came with slightly biting texture. :) just fabulous oysters and that just cost me RM18/3pcs for a trial.

Coramandel – North Island, New Zealand

As for the New Zealand ones, they were wholesome and big. the texture was rather diffirent, softer and meatier. I also end up being a fan. Longing for it everyday. New Zealand’s one was at RM21/3pcs.


If you are an oyster fan, do make your way to SHUCKED immediately ! :) . . . .Sidney Kan

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