Lim Kee Tang Hun Restaurant Kuchai Business Centre

House Special Fried Mungbean Noodle – RM14

Knowing about this restaurant back a couple of months ago had make me to stop by over the weekend. A well know restaurant before the relocating just at the main road. Now it is located at an isolated and unseen building just right infront of the entrance of Choong Wen Chinese School. This restaurant itself is known for it’s acquired taste for their variety of noodles such as tapioca noodel, potato noodle, glutinous rice noodle and not forgetting their delicious fish head.

Steamed Fish Head with densed Blackbean Sauce – RM27

We have not been back to this restaurant as the old venue was always packed. After an evening drive we decided to drop by to thier new venue and found it was nearly packed. We managed to get a table and olrdered a thier house special mungbean fried noodle. Surprisingly it was fried well. Turst me it’s not easy to fry mungbean noodle. Amazing the chef managed to have it fried dried and laced with thinly sliced bitter gourd. It was beautifully done.

Then came the Steamed Soong Fish Head coated with intensified balckbean sauce. Very fragrant and not salty at all. It may not llook good but it was really tasty. I guested the balckbeans might had been soaked in the water for a short time to reduce the saltiness. It was well steamed till the flesh tasted tender and moist. The sauce totaly gave the fish full of richness in taste and robustness. Fabulous, a must order!

Stir Fried Crystal Pig Intestine – RM15

The third dish came for the two of us was just perfect, a small portion of sitr fired crystal pig intestine with ginger and spring onion. I loved the crunchness texture produced on the intestine. As usual sauces is truly important as it incorperates incrediable flavour to each dish. Here the intenstine aws done so deliciously. Love it!

The Restaurant

2G, Jalan 3/114
Kuchai Business Centre
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No: 03-79811972

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