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I was invited to bite into some of the new dishes at Fat Spoon, located at Damansara Uptown. Read a bit about this place founded by two sisters, Melissa and Michelle and mostly serves Nyonya food mixed with a dash of modernity, dubbing it as “Grandma’s Recipes” unique cuisine.

ice blended watermelon and mint
Ice Blended Watermelon and Mint

Looking at their wall-board menu I just can’t help noticing the affordable prices. Just love the vintage deco, just felt like being transported back to the 70’s and 80-‘s. While we were seated, then came the chilled and delicious watermelon and mint ice blended. Just a perfect to start the night.

Tasting Platter
The Tasting Platter

We weren’t seated that quietly that evening, everyone seemed busy muscling their voices. Our tasting platter was platted elegantly, having 3 gorgeous mains at one go was truly exciting. I loved the look of the mini salmon burger, filled with simplicity. Next to it was a glass of Moo Moo Rice and I found it to be very specially well packaged. My eyes were caught with surprised and found it to be delicious. Lastly it was a small bowl of angle hair coated with tammarind sauce and two sizeable prawns. If you ask me how . . . . . . .. I truly enjoyed it. :)

Fat Salmon Sandwich
Fat Salmon Sandwich with Crispy Pumpkin Fritters

A truly size of Fat Salmon sandwich comes with crispy pumpkin fritters. Looks gorgeous and taste fabulous . . .. well done Fat Spoon. If you are health concious persone, I would recommend this, light and tasty!

tamarind prawn angel hair
Tamarind Prawn Angel Hair

Oh! My eyes were blinking like twinks. How can one resist of not ordering this tamarind prawn angel hair, looking at it also I can faint with joy. Rich sweet sauce with a twist of sourish lacing the pasta can be so inviting. Anyway I would bet you will like it. I did!

moo moo rice bowl
Moo Moo Rice Bowl

Another one the full size Moo Moo RIce Bowl too looked exciting! :)

Hot Lemongrass and Pandan Drink & Sago Pudding with Last Polka’s Salted Gula Melaka Ice Cream

OMG! polka ice cream truly heaven and had put a gorgeous smile in me. Thier gula Malaka ice cream slightly salt was thrilling and having it sandwhich with sago pudding, it was just terrific. I wouldn’t mind to just visit this place for it’s dessert! :)

Additional Orders

spicy macaroni beef soup
Spicy Macaroni Beef Soup

Having every night raining out there, I wouldn’t mind to have a bowl of this spicy macaroni beef soup. just like what my mum will cook for me when I need pampering! lol!

ikan perut
Nasi Ikan Perut

I am definitely suzks for nyonya food while ikan perut scores the top on my wanted list. Got to inform ikan perut is rather a tedious one to make especially when comes to cutting all the herbs! It drives you nuts!! Here at Fat Spoon it was slight sour to my taste as I like it with a hint of sweetness. But I still like it ! oh by the way it comes with a piece of well fried ikan kembong!

ulam nasi goreng
Ulam Nasi Goreng

Nsai Ulam Goreng was acceptable for me and I would love it to be accompany with more raw vegetables.

Overall I just love this cosy and hoey Fat Spoon. Worth spending time here and going through it’s cabinet and see what’s there to fill up your empty tummy! Would definitely recommend this place. . . . . . . . .. . . . I love it, Sidney Kan
Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Uptown Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03 7728 3323

Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Petaling-Jaya-Malaysia/Fat-Spoon-Cafe/152617314763307

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