Senja MIGF 2012 Saujana Kuala Lumpur

Senja MIGF bread

Everytime I step into this beautiful place, I know I am going to be well pampered . . . . . . . . Opsss did I say that ? . . . . . Even my expectation kept increasing each time and it never fails not to impress me. Take a moment, take big breath and look what seats infront of you ( besides their beautiful cutlleries) definitely a dashing well make variety of breads. I truly find them sophisticated. it can be infused with sun-dried tomatoes, raisins and even chips of black olives. At that moment I was brought to my knees when I saw those dippings/spreads waiting for me. Defintely a pure luxurious treats.

Senja MIGF amuse bouche

This year I had been slow on my MIGF dining around and I decided to try out only 3 places and Senja was one of them. As I warm my seat, Chef Filippo brought in the amuse bouche himself. I was honoured. Oh yes I was doing my lunch at Senja on that day, so I opted without the wine.

Senja MIGF soup
Macco di Fave Siciliano con Aneto e Pomodori Essiccati
Sicilian broad bean soup with dill and sun-dried tomato

The first appetiser that came was the Sicilian broad bean soup with dill and sun-dried tomato. I just loved the intensity of the colour, deep green. As to add an excitement, bright red chopped dun-dried tomato was put into the task. Spoon-ing into it can be such a dolly pleasnt thing to do. It was really tasty, very bodily in taste and just can keep one spooning for more. A very well make soup to start the lunch.

Senja MIGF sardine
Sardine alla Beccafico servite con Insalata di Rucola e Finocchi, Riduzione alla’ Olio e Arancia
Sardine Beccafico-style, rocket salad, fennel and orange oil reduction

Wow my appetiser looked terrific . . . . . . . I am having sardines ! it was excitng as I have not seen this dish for ages. It’s typical done the Italian way. The sardines were de-boned and rolled before being baked in the over a a coat of breadcrumbs. It was just gorgeous. The sardnie was done just the right texture, noist and tender. It taste good too, not fishy at all. Perfect!

Senja MIGF tortelli
Tortelli Freshchi di Branzino serviti con Ragout di Mare ed Emulsione di Porcini
Sea bass with seafood ragout and porcini foam

The starter was quiet, marching in proudly. I was stunned with amazed how mine was plated. It was superbly gorgeous a dn beautiful to look at. The plate was definitely Chef’s painitng canvas. I could not believe how beauiful the dish was executed. The seabass stuffed tortelli was exquistely prepared, al dente-ly done. So nice to bite into. The fillings was at the right spot. The tortelli was laced witn a strong flavoured Porcini and seeing the present of sizeable un-shelled prawns and pan fried scallops. Ragout sauce was scattered aroubnd the plate to strengthen the taste and flavour. Excellent !

Senja MIGF risotto
Risotto con Crema di Melanzane, Burratina Fresca e Rucola
Risotto with cream of aubergine, burratina cheese and fresh rocket salad

My guests beside me had the bright orange coloured risotto. Looking at it defintely one can tell it was done al dente. I was offered a spoon and just loved the taste. In the middle of the palate, burratina cheese make a grant entrance. Anyway he was cheering about his one and make me rather jealous. Verdict . . . . . not sure! lol!

Senja MIGF veal ossobuco Milanese Style saffron risotto sicilian gremolata
Veal ossobuco Milanese style saffron risotto sicilian gremolata

Just love the veal being cooked. It was done tenderly soft and moist. The safron risotto smells really good. I did not opted for this main but I was eyeing at the cod.

Senja MIGF cod
Fagottino di Merluzzoservito con Salsa Cipollata ed Olio al Basilica
Wrapped silver cod with aubergine, onion and tomato cipollata and basil oil

It was a blessing that I had the cod. I was amazed of the portion size, it was huge. Here I truly loved how the chef himself prepared the fish by givng it a skin using finely cut aubergine. It was thrilling to watch and it will be sad if not being giving a tsate. I felt crazy as I got the whole cod to myself. Done perfectly, moist and soft. The tomato cipollata infused the dish by given it more bodily flavour and taste. A speechless one! Definitely a good deal.

Senja MIGF Panna cotta
Panna Cotta al Pepe Cinese servito con Riduzione di Lamponi e Cremoso al Cioccolato
Szechuan pepper panna cotta served with raspberry sauce and chocolate ice cream

As we more to the dessert, I got to taste Chef’s panna cotta and it was realy smooth, silk and soft. It also gave a delicious peppery after taste due to the present of Szechuan peppers. The raspberry icecream was awesome too. I like it !

Senja MIGF orange sorbet
Casatta Siciliana dello Chef Filippo servita con SorbettoalleArance
Chef Filippo’s Sicilian cassata and ornage sorbet

Another dessert in the MIGF menu was the Chef Filippo’s Sicilian cassata and ornage sorbet. I just loved the look. The cassata was refined baked and the orange sorbet was at the right testure and taste, not overly sweet. Overall every dish was doone perfectly and the outcome was truly good. The whole lunch was truly eciting leaving me totaly full. I will defintely be back for more.

Senja MIGF chef
Chef Filippo GIunta of SENJA

“I like the energy of cooking…” says Chef Filippo Giunta when asked about his motives for joining the gastronomic ranks of the world. This thought is followed by a brief pause after which he continues “…the action, the camaraderie and best of all seeing a smile on the customer’s face when he takes the first bite.”

An experiential traveller at heart, Chef Filippo has worked in a slew of London’s top restaurants, including Dolado, Number Twelve and Zaffereno, before moving out to New Delhi, where he headed up the Oberoi’s renowned Traventino Restaurant, recipient of the Best Italian Restaurant in India by the Ospitalita Italiana Awards.

Always with a keen eye for creative expression, his menu contains prime examples of first-class, authentic Sicilian and Mediterranean cuisine, with an emphasis on seafood. His close attention to the artistic elements of a dish always ensure that the presentations are immaculate; a flawless combination of texture, colour and layers of ingredients.

SENJA – Italian (Pork-Free)
The Saujana Hotel Kuala Lumpur Saujana Resort,
Jalan Lapangan Terbang SAAS, 40150
Shah Alam, Kuala Lumpur

+603-7843 1234 ext 6122

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