MINORI at The Royal Bintang Damansara Hotel

Chef Nakajima of Minori

Not far from my place came this new Japanese restaurant by the name MINORI. I had attended their impressive launch and now I am back for another food eaatings. Love the cosyness setting, very laid back and full of comfort.


This time I was lunching with the press, media and also with Chef Nakajima and we were seated at the VIP room for a quiet environment. The menu was impresive. Minori believes on providing freshness in their food. Therefore fresh produces are flown in once or twice a week.

Minori bean
Fresh flown in Edamame

First to grace the dining table was a bowl of edaname which was very entertaining delicious. I was told it was special flown in as to keep it freshness while most can be easily found at thr frozen section of any giant supermarket. Just love the tenderness of the beans, not too soft but rather slightly al dente.

Minori Salad
Fresh Salad topped with Sashimi

Exciting it got me . . .. . something light and full of striking colours . . . it was Minori’s fresh salad topped with slices of sashimi. It was refreshing fresh and tasted gorgeously when it was drizzled with a white sesame sauce.

Minori Fresh Fish
Freshly flown in Produces

Minori is also known for flying in fresh produce especially seasonal fish. We were also in luck as we were able to taste their fabulous slices of tuna belly. freah, soft and tenderly fresh.

Minori Tuna Belly
Fresh Tuna Belly

minori hot stone
Hot Stone Cooking

I just love the simplicity of having my food cooked over a hot stone. With the freshness of ingredients and having them cooked on the stone, the food was so tasty and sweet. The salmon had a great moist biting texture. The prawn was juicy sweet.


Minori Snow Crab
Snow Crab

Then came the chilled cooked snow crab and was well tucked on a rectangular plate. we were given some refined ultensile to unplugged the crab meat from the shell. It was tasty, very fresh and tasted truly joyful.

Unagi Roll

The unagi roll was truly excellently prepared. It may looked simple but it was really delicious. The unagi texture was firm and was mushy. It tasted very fresh and wasn’t overpowering with sweet soy sauce. It was really delicious and had more than my limits.

Yam Chips

At that moment the assistant chef brought a bowl of homemade yam chips and requested us to try. IT was crispy and tastily light. Lovely.

Braised Scallop

I shared my braised scallop with my neighbour, it was amazingly gorgeous. I just love the topping mousse, very savoury creamy. Forking into scallop was just what I wanted to do. Perfect, you must taste them!

Minori Curry
Japanese Curry

Now I must recommend Chef’s curry. It was delicious. The bowl of Japanese curry can with udon and it had a distintive taste, a fruity smoky after taste which we were hooked. Brilliant.

Minori Goyza577241_10151045229101671_729192398_n

The Gyoza came in a batch. Well wrapped and filled with refreshing chicken meat. I like dippiing into the accompanied sauce and the gyoza skin was done perfectly. It was great returning back to dining room of Minori, great food and full of freshness. Will be back for more . . . . . Sidney Kan

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