Mandarin Grill MIGF 2012 Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Mandarin Grill Reto Weber
Chef Reto Weber

From the Alpine Switzerland, Chef Reto’s passion for food and travelling has led him to work in some of the finest establishments across Asia and Europe. Now I get to taste his creation at Mandarin Grill at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur where he is appointed as the Chef de Cuisine.

Mandarin Grill Bread

His menu features seasonal products and ingredients, ensuring that only the freshest ingredients are used, and he constantly endeavors to bring a fresh and exciting edge to his culinary creations. Standing as testament to his innovation and attention to detail, Chef Reto won the Most Outstanding Main Course in last year’s MIGF, offering up a plate of the most tender, slow cooked Sous Vide style wagyu beef cheeks with summer truffles and celeriac roots.

This year, his menu will follow suit, with the main event featuring a pure black angus tenderloin saliou which is truly exciting. Along with a lush trio of foie gras, brussle sprouts, and smoked celery puree which is definitely thrilling.

Mandarin Grill Rabbit Loin Perigord
Rabbit Loin Perigord

As his appetiser, Chef Reto introduced a light Rabbit Loin Prigord which looked excellent beautiful. I think it was lovely.

Mandarin Grill Doversole filletr
Doversole fillet

Forking into the doversole fillet was exciting as it was tenderly done and not overly cooked. Great tasting texture. Just love the look of the whole dish where the fillet was sitting on a bed on cooked baby spinach accompanied with grenobloise sauce and nicely dressed with salsify. Truly enjoyed it.

Mandarin Grill .Duck Leg Confit a la orange
Duck Leg Confit a la Orange

Then followed with the Duck Leg Confit ”A La Orange” and definitely a winner. Just love the looked, platted so elegantly. Portion was sizeable as it was a five course meal. The duck itself was done excellently, moist inside and crisy light on the outside. I like it as it was not ovely salty and with a touch of orange sauce, it turned out to be rich and full of flavour. Excellent ! By the way the duck confit came along with braised apple and red cabbage and also some roasted potato dumpling to smoothen the palate.

Mandarin Grill Wine 2r

Mandarin Grill .Pure Black Angus Tenderlion saliou
Pure Black Angus Tenderlion “Saliou”

I love the look of the pure black Angus tenderloin “Saliou” as we were shown how it was plated. this dish came with foie gras, brussle sprouts and smoked celery puree. Attractive and ery well plated.

Mandarin Grill .Halibut filet winemaker style

I was amazed that I get to fork into Chef’s Halibut Fillet ”Winemaker Style”. The halibut was as usual cooked at the right texture. It just melts in the mouth. I love the accompanied to the dish such as champagne choucroute, pomme chateaux and caramelized grapes. It may looked simple but I am sure it needed a full scale of cooking technique. Enjoyed!

Mandarin Grill Wine

Mandarin Grill Chocolate

Full Festival Menu RM345++ per person
*Festival Lunch Menu RM195 per person (three courses); RM165 per person (two courses

Lobby Level, Mandarin Oriental,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre 50088 Kuala Lumpur

+603-2380 8888

Mandarin Grill
Exuding luxury and refinement, Mandarin Grill has been delighting diners with its range of classic grill dishes since 2010.

The interior is elegant, complete with fireplace, grand piano and plush armchairs, but with modern touches, including impressive fibre optic chandeliers that allow light to flow from the ceiling in a stunning torrent. Then there are the glass-walled wine cellar, which makes for a unique combination of new-age and classic in the décor, and the feast for the eyes thanks to sweeping views of the KLCC Park.

The culinary feast at Mandarin Grill is just as impressive. Signature dishes such as the Wagyu beef tartar, Porterhouse beef steak and the confit lamb shoulder have garnered the restaurant a stellar reputation from across the region.

Now there’s also a new menu, with dishes such as Black Angus beef carpaccio topped with sautéed wood mushrooms, Parmesan cheese shavings and pesto; pan-seared river prawns; and lamb served with tortellini, celeriac purée with an aromatic Balinese pepper sauce. For MIGF, diners will get a great sampling of Mandarin Grill’s selection, prepared by Chef Reto Weber and his team. With options for lunch and dinner, your meal of some of the best meats in town include coral-dusted Bretagne scallop, rabbit loin “Périgord”, dover sole fillet, duck leg confit “a la orange” and halibut fillet “winemaker style”.

And as you sit back in those comfortable chairs, savour a dessert of white sacher sponge and bourbon vanilla bavarois orange custard or chestnut honey sentenced reblochon to end your exquisite culinary experience.

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