Lai Po Heen MIGF 2012 Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Lai Po Heen Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Mastechef Rick Thien
Lai Po Heen Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Masterchef Rick Thien

An award winning chef Ricky Thien of Lai Po Heen The Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur can just win my heart with all hands up. His current selection of line up for the MIGF menu is something to die for – in taste, flavour and presentation. Got to admit it, I had been his fan for more than 5 years now.

Lai Po Heen Festival Dinner Menu

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Hunan Ice Chilled Whole Baby Abalone
Hunan Ice Chilled Whole Baby Abalone

In his new creation, I got to indulge (not sampling) his delicioous baby abalone done chilled. The biting texture was excellent, tender as predicted. Great refined craftmanship. The accompanied fresh pamelo, avocado, kiwi abd spicy sesame sauce enhance the freshness taste of the abalone and brought a distinct taste of the abalone. Hunan ice chilled whole baby abalone is something I would look forward for another round. Who will say NO to a multiple biting of the sea treasure abalone.

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Double Boiled Kung Fu Soup
Double Boiled Kung Fu Soup

!nteresting and yet came with a style of indulgence. Now having a delightful soup in a Chinese tea cup can be truly refreshing. I just love it. It came in two seperate cookware, a ceramic cup filled with cooked cordyceps, morel mushroom, baby cabbage and premium dried scallop with fish paste – a Chinese tea pot filled with double boiled soup with infused American ginseng. The drinking ritual was classy indeed and the soup itself was so flavourful.

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Trio of Corn Fed Chicken
Trio of Corn Fed Chicken

Loved the presentation of the Trio of Corn Fed Chicken but we did not taste it as we were scheduled to have something else at Mandarin Grill. According to chef this consisted of a layer of Szechuan pepper spiced chichken, a layer of wok seared chicken and crispy chicken skin.

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF MAndarin Orange Sorbet
Mandarin Orange Sorbet

The Mandarin Orange Sorbet looked grand. Well presented for a mouth wash before executing to the next dish..

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Steamed Dragon Graouper Roll
Steamed Dragon Garouper Roll

The Steamed Dragon Garouper Roll was so well crafted and the presentation just looked so jewel. Loved the intensity of the sauce done with superior rice wine while little bak choy steam was rolled over with garouper fish. The whole composition was just like an art. Truly artistry.

Mandarin Oriiental MIGF Sun Dried Scallop Glutinous Rice
Sun Dried Scallop Glutinous Rice

Having to view my glutinous rice came with wrapped over spinach was truly speechless which think of its content was truly exciting. The glutinous rice infused with sun dried scallop was done to my liking, soft and tendet in taste but what fascinated me was the discovery of huge cooked fresh Japanese scallop infused inside the glutinous irce. It was sure excellent. Just felt like dining as rich and famous in the city of Kuala Lumpur.

The dessert for the menu was Sweet Sensation a peanut coated butter milk cubic that came with greetea sauce over a passion fruit infused coconut pudding.

Priced at : RM288++ per person (without wine)

For Reservation:
Conatc Lai Po Heen @ +60(3) 21798885

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